Flooring stained, won't come out


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We have an R25 with Bamboo Silver flooring. We stored the boat outside with the cover on in the off-season. When we recently took the boat out we noticed stains on the front and back deck where it wasn't covered. When we got off the water we tried detergent, vinegar, Simple Green with no luck getting the stains out. Scrubbing didn't do anything either.

Could this be the adhesive under the flooring or UV light damage? Anyone else have this issue?




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It looks like leaves.
Mine is a 2021 S21, second owner. The previous owner kept the playpen cover on it but the floor is noticeably darker in the stern and bow where it wasn't covered. My polish bleach clean wife hasn't noticed it . She believes in cleaning until it bleeds so I'll keep it my little secret for now but I notice it. Thought about warranty claim but the boat would have to be completely disassembled to replace the floor skin, which would probably open up a pandora's box of issues for the future. I have a cover over the entire boat now so hopefully slow the discolor process.
Yea, it’s the glue problem.
Looks similar to the glue issue pictures some have had in the past. That said, seems weird it’s only on the uncovered areas of flooring that faced exposure in the off season.

Maybe UV light/extreme heat exposure & glue/chemical reaction? Just glue issue? Just environmental exposure issue? Tough to really tease out given how it looks and where you are finding it. I would certainly talk with a local dealership. They may be dialed into what could have cause it if not glue, and if glue, diagnose that too under warranty.
That factory glue issue was either 19 or 20 model year .
It was a bigger problem than the boat manufacturers imagined.
Yes that looks like the classic adhesive/glue bleed through. Contact your dealer so they can start the process of your seagrass being replaced under warranty .....