Fuel Gauge Inconsistent


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We recently purchased a 2020 SS. It has been great so far but we have a few little quirks we are working through. One thing I have noticed is that the fuel gauge doesn't always read correctly. Our boat has a 90HP Yamaha F Series and has the Yamaha Command Link Tach and the Command Link Speedometer/Fuel Meter. If I fill the tank up before we go out, the meter bar graph reads a full tank. We can run around all day and the meter never drops. We even took a trip about 18 miles up the river and back so I know we used enough that the meter should drop. This persists though shutting the engine off. Once I pull the boat and trailer it home and I check the fuel meter, it shows a different amount. Do these tanks have a float type level sensor? I'm wondering if the float is sticking in the full position and the vibration from the ride from the harbor to home is enough to shake it loose.


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Annandale, VA
First order of business is to check all connections as a bad one could change the resistance values and give a false read on your gauge.

Once you are sure these are all clean (should only be two wires from the fuel sender to the gauge, plus associated grounding) you can test the sender with a multimeter to see if the correct ohms are reading.

Lastly there are settings and calibration you can toy with in your 6Y8 gauge (Yamaha round) that are in the owners manual. I haven't had to play with them myself so might be something to research on other boating sites like the Hull Truth.

Good luck!