Have a volunteer event for Club Bennington?

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If you have a fund raising or charitable event (related to the water/boating) and would like to recruit Club Bennington members as volunteers, please post your event in this forum. Poker Run, raffle, water sports event? Think of all the ways we can give back!


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Subject to Bennington Dealer interest or not, some manufactures have found "Regattas" to be very effective. A "Regatta" can be structured to focus on any cause or level of society. Or, it may be closed to members and/or conditions only. A "Regatta" may be structured as the umbrella for multiple short term/long term objectives.

The objective of any similar water event is to create a further purpose for the boat/investment. Whereas a family may be involved, there may be "Hot-Dogs and chips" on the beach. Or, a Poker Run/Bennington Regatta at Lake Of The Ozarks during the Offshore Boat Shoot Out, may interest others, etc,etc.

Looking at your event calender, scheduling doesn't seem to be a problem.

IMHO, Liability insurance is mandatory, but affordable.