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Is there a Bennington parts list somewhere? I have a 2575 RCW I/O Tritoon. Looking for the rods for the back hatch to access the engine compartment. Are they hydraulic? There’s two and they won’t stay up.
Bennington does not sell parts to the public. does have some Bennington OEM parts . If they dont have what you need , perhaps ebay or your dealer.
ROFL - I just gave this same reply to this question in a FB pontoon group post. Too funny!
The assist rods should have information on them. They are not a marine part. If no info take one to a auto parts store and they should be able to find a strut that works.
When you say they wont hold up the hatch, it has an electric actuator to lift the hatch. It is way to heavy for the assist rods to hold it up. We have the same model and have replaced the actuator with aftermarket part.