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Lawrence Kansas
Hi Everyone, i wanted to share this with you all. Last thursday we had an older school bus towed into our shop. It was painted up, with a map on one side showing their journey so far. They had started in Maryland, and are working their way across the U.S. picking up trash along the highways as they go, six days a week. They also give presentations at local schools about responsible landfill use, recycling, and reuse of our resources. This group of youngsters are doing this all through private donation, and what they can recycle along the way. It is refreshing to find a group of 9 young people trying to make a difference in our disposable world. I would encourage all to make sure these kids get to the end of their journey with the knowledge that they are not the only ones who care about our world, send them a donation, or better yet, find out if they are coming to your area, organize a group, and get out there and give them a hand and a hot meal. This group is Pickup America, you can find out more by going to www.pickupamerica.org. I wish i had thought to take some pics, but we got them on the road again! WWW.PICKUPAMERICA.ORG