S SERIES VS L SERIES vs all others, deck construction

We looked at approximately 6 swing backs today ranging from the SX, L and R series.

We narrowed it down to a 24SXSB and 24LSB. The SX had pretty much every option available except for the arch bimmi. it has been fotted with live well Power Steering, 2 batteries, Kicker sound system with sub, and a Yammy 150 SHO. the drawback it has the express package toons (family likes this one on dry land).

The LSR has tge SPS+ package 200 merc with power steering and a cooler, also comes dual battery. The LSR is monaco blue with black. Sharp but worried about water spots.

The difference between the two is 15K. I feel like tge SX brings a ton of value to the table with the upgrades and all the offerings from the factory, also getting a pretty decent discount on that float.

Really the only thing stopping me from agreeing with the family is the pontoon package, personally I am a big fan of the SHO motors, they pinch way above their weight and that trips my trigger.

I have never been on the water on either toon package so I am not aware of how big the difference is. Is it a 15K difference, with a few less amenities?

The wife actually respected my opinion if I really thought we needed the extra capability, but they really dig the color and amenities on the SX.


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Speaking from past experience, I would take the L and avoid the express package. Also , you will never buy HP at a lower cost than at the initial time of purchase.
Speaking from past experience, I would take the L and avoid the express package. Also , you will never buy HP at a lower cost than at the initial time of purchase.

Exactly what Jack said…

Having an SHO, I hate to say it, but I like the mercury…. 200+ is really the sweet spot, and I think you’ll like the sps+ handling better
I have the SPS + best move I have done . Mine is in a slip all season so I have to wipe the toons down often , I can't fit between the toons on an ESP package . Also it will take up to a 250, the toons are thicker .80 vs 1.0 on the plus . Do a search ,upper right for express package , most are not happy with it . They sit low in stern causing the bow to rise.
Just spoke with the dealership I bought my Chap from years ago. they has an SXSB and LSB. The LSB has a longer center toon. He said that it is probably a bit more stable in the water. LSB also came with a 200 Yamaha. Looks like Saturday morning I will be able to compare them side by side. To make thinks a bit more muddy, he said the SX has a bit less drag in the water so they can pair them with 150s and the SX with a yamaha SHO moves out pretty good!
The upgraded upholstery on the X models is key, and really the X package adds a slot of smart upgrades at a discount. But, the full center toon makes handling that much better and would be the overriding choice between the two. Of course I say custom order an LX!!!
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I asked, but I did not insist. I get the feeling he wants to move thxe SX as he said I could do that but it will not be at this price point.

with that said he did not say what the price difference would be vs the LSR. We are getting 8500 discount on the SX. My understanding was it was ordered and had the additional add ons and then never picked up.

Man I wish I could sea trial one or the other. You all have me concerned.

not gonna lie, in the back of my mind I am also thinking are you gonna up charge yourself based on some internet chat....... maybe

not a big deal breaker but the SX comes with a saltwater low profile trailer, should fit a 7'9" door with bimi removed. so I could keep it in the attached garage of I wanted too.
I have been told many times ( didn't listen) ,buy your last boat first . Currently my only regret is white, every time it rains, I have to wash it . All the dirt and dust from the cover runs down the sides causing black streaks.
Yeah that was in the back of my mind, but it is a slippery slope, how much boat is enough. We are having this conversation because we went from getting your conventional pontoon putter to something that has evolved to be a toon that will take a bit more water and get you to your destination faster.

It is a great time we live in. last 3 or 4 summers I have been taking my girls out in a 1954 aluminum fishing boat with a 9hp johnson. not that thos purchase should contrast that, and not to brag, but I get that rig around the lake lol! no parties or water sports.

This will be a difficult decision. I believe we found the deal we were looking for, shopping at this time, the LSR is a decent deal too, just another level and price point, and does it make sense. Of the two the SX has a better interior and thus the reason the girls are attatched to it.
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I can relate to that . When we ordered our 1st in December of 2012 ,I told the dealer ( a friend ) we wanted a 20 ft with a 25 -50 hp , got a 22 with a 90 . I'm now on number 4 in 9 years .
I have the opposite of Jack M. Black with white strips. I thought the black would really suck, but the water spots are not tough to deal with. I do get a little black steak on the white and that is a bit of a hassle to deal with. So with that said I am in the process of buying a deionzer for the water rinse and then will have zero water spots. I agree buy all you can first and not worry about color. You’ll still love your baby.
yeah I hear that. They are holding both floats and I put a significant amount down as I think this is my dealer. The L interior is nice, but the X has that wow factor and the bolster seat.
so...... is the SPS that earth shattering?? That ia the biggest difference between the two floats. The accessories can be dealt with over time.
One word - YES! There is a reason you’re getting a great deal on the Express package…it stinks. No if, ands or buts about it. Not that I have an opinion on it. ;)

The difference between the express and the SPS+ is massive - mainly handling, stance in the water, and to a degree comfort when underway. You are not sitting at an extreme angle like the Express, and it’s thicker and more durable. That said, the SXSB would be a great boat if not for its hull. Probably why it is sitting there with a great deal…the hull has likely held them back from moving it.

Also, a 200HP is a big upgrade from the 150. Albeit, both will get the job done for you. That said, it sounds like an LSB is the would be the sweet spot for your family. What are the deets on the 24’ LSB they showed you?

I’d really have them quote a ‘24 LSB with a 150 or 200HP on it, SPS or SPS+ hull. Get all the deets before committing. FYI, I have a dark gray SB, blackout package, and black ascent strip. Water spots are not a big deal except on my motor cowl.

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Another way to look at that 15k difference.

* More or less an extra $5k for motor from 150 to 200.

* $5k Express to SPS hull.

* Another $5k from SPS to SPS+ hull.

I know it doesn’t work precisely that way, but I would say each is worth that $5k bump along the way. That said, I‘m not paying for it, and in the end it’s gotta fit in the budget.
Don't get the express toon package. I had one. It plows through turns like a regular pontoon. The sps banks into turns really well and the back end doesn't sqat in the water the way the express package does. Now, if you want to go all in get the esp (elliptical center toon) package. It turns amazing. Seriously though, I don't think you will be happy with the express package. The sps with a 200 is a really nice combination.