Steering cable


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Anybody notice the steering cable runs right underneath the ladder?
Seems like a bad spot where someone could hit it getting in or our of the boat-
I asked my dealer to move it and they said they can't that's how it is done-
Any comments?
What’s your year and model? I don’t have cable steering, so not familiar with what you are describing. Curious what others say that have cable steering, and curious if it matters what year and/or model run boat someone has.
Hopefully others with cable steering can chime in with how theirs is set up.
If it's truly a cable steering vs hydraulic then you can't bend that cable. My guess is the radius needed as the cable comes out of the steering tube brings it under the ladder and up to the helm; if you made that radius any tighter to bring it closer to the center of the transom it might bind that cable and make turning difficult.

You may want to ask another marina/dealer who doesn't have skin in the game.