What is

Welcome! I googled it and came up with nothing. Where did you see Mega pan fuel system at?
I believe it's a larger than standard fuel tank .
Odd because it still shows the 35.2 usable fuel gallons?

Its probably not related but odd they use the same "nomenclature" from back in 2014 when Bennington rated my boat from 150hp in 2011 to 200hp in 2014 but you lost 1 person capacity.

They had to replace the transom pan to a "beefier" version they called a "mega pan" to allow me to repower to a 200hp motor.
They also had to change the under-skinning around the new "Mega Pan" as it mounted different then the standard transom pan.
My fuel tank is under the port side rear lounger, so "fuel" was never a part of it.

Then again, your sheet shows a ESP Tri toon, so your motor actually mounts to a pontoon vs a motor pan.
Just odd they use the same name for it.

The bimini top quote was from going from the standard 2011 straight angled bimini to the new for 2014 "curved" bimini frame.

I never did anything more with it, but FYI.

I guess the best bet is call Bennington or your dealer and ask.

From: Hannon Gross [mailto:hannon@spicersboatcity.com]
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2014 11:08 AM
To: Sturm, Todd W
Subject: Bennington

Hello Todd,
I heard back from Bennington about the “Mega Pan” and the new Bimini assembly.
Mega Pan- $1373.45
Wavetamer - $186.69
Bimini Frame- $4225.10
Bimini Top/Boot- $1102.20
These parts will be $840.00 for install also. Let me know what you would like to do. Thank you Todd!
Hannon Gross
Service Advisor/ Warranty Coordinator
989-366-8384 or 989-366-8400