Why Bennington???


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Smith Mountain Lake, Va.
Hello everyone,

As some of you know, I shared a shopping experience with you recently. The topic was WARRANTY. I had posted it and soon after the post was removed and re-posted after being edited by TB. I had also made another post while TB had my 1st post removed. I received a response from TB and they addressed why they removed my post and shared some info with me regarding why a Bennington dealer does not have to perform any warranty work on a Bennington boat they did not sell. They ended thier post to me with...if you would like to have a phone call from us to discuss this further leave us your number. Well, after a couple of weeks passed I decided I would leave them my number.

Once they had my number it was less than 2 hours before they emailed me and said they would be in touch with me the next day. To my pleasant surprise the next day thier VP OF Eastern U.S. sales contacted me. I must say to everyone Bennington has a very genuine concern in regards to the satisfaction of thier customers. Ms. Buff spent almost an hour on the phone with me discussing my experience and why I purchased a Bennington from dealer 2 hours away from me, as opposed to the local dealer who was 15 minutes from me. My wife and I are very satisfied with our purchase experience with Boats Unlimited in N.C. We did our research and shopped many manufacturers models before deciding on Bennington. We were concerned about the Bennington policies regarding dealers handling of warranties. All of our concerns have been omitted by this one phone call. It just confirmed that we made the right decision going with Bennington. They do have customer satifaction as a priority along with building a superior product. A produst they stand behind 100%. Our 2012 2275 RCW LTD should be delivered around the 1st of Sept.

Thank you Bennington,

Mike & Dani


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Buckeye Lake, Ohio

Glad things worked out.


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Like Eric said, glad it all worked out.

Oh, and it was nice of you to come and give Benninton a nice testimony. Lots of people would have forgot about it after their problem was fixed. You, on the other hand, came in and posted some nice statements reguarding Bennington's handling of the situation. Thanks.

Now, get that boat and get the bottom wet and see how long it takes for the smile to wear off. :D

Good luck and happy boating.



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Mike and Dani,

Thanks for sharing your experience regarding Team Bennington. We do not always here how things turned out so this is great.

I see you are from Smith Mountain Lake. My car club goes there each year for Vettes on the Point and the location is beautiful. Certainly know you will enjoy your boat when it is delivered and hope you will post some pictures in the gallery.
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