Yamaha Throttle Lever

There is a tension screw so yes you can crank down on it to prevent it from flopping around too much. But too tight and it gets to be a chore during normal operations.

The best fix for this is to treat the helm area with respect. Spouses, kids, friends, etc. that don't know how to operate the boat should not be near there if the engine is running, period. Would you let your kids play in a car that is in park but running? Or near power equipment like a zero turn mower or snowblower that is running but in neutral?
Most older style side mount control boxes had/have a shift interlock feature. Binnacle controls do not. What's interesting is my binnacle control on my 2021 Yamaha has the interlock squeeze lever in the handle but does not function. One thing that I do not like about that is you can accidentally shift the engine without the engine running which can potentially damage the gearcase shift linkage. Never ever shift the engine without it running.
My 2019 Q23 with Yamaha 250 Saltwater edition has the neutral release trigger under the throttle handle. Cannot shift without pulling it up. Side mounted model.
Well there you go then. I’ve never been in a pontoon with one. Nice. Thanks for sharing NCLakeGuy.
FYI: Not only does our 2004 90hp not have the shift interlock, but the motor can be started when not in neutral, gears disengaged...just sayin', ya al' be careful out there.
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Yikes! Tourniquets and nerves of steel eh? That would reinforce having to be careful.
FYI: Not only does our 2004 90hp not have the shift interlock, but the motor can be started when not in neutral...just sayin', ya al' be careful out there.
That's crazy....I could never let anyone near my boat if that was my configuration....
"That's crazy....I could never let anyone near my boat if that was my configuration...."

Ha, too late...there's millions of Yamahas just like that out there!

Again, just for FYI, maybe more people with the various versions should CAREFULLY test it...you know just for emphasized edification.
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That's ridiculous, neutral safety switches have been in control boxes since the 1960's, I can't believe boats are being delivered without that functioning. Very dangerous.
I checked my owners manual (dated 2003) and it shows a control box that is not like one one installed in our pontoon. The manual shows that box has both the neutral interlock and start defeat if not in neutral. (Along with the usual stop lanyard that kills ignition, but not the starter)

Our control box has no neutral interlock (like others have mentioned above). Also the motor can be started IF the prop/gears are disengaged with the lever not in neutral. Starting is defeated if the prop/gears are engaged. Also, the usual stop lanyard kills ignition, but not the starter, and is mounted on the dash with the ignition switch. (unlike the box shown in my manual that has both of those on the box)

Hope that clears confusion, although there are various control boxes that operate differently.
I just went out and verified, My 2021, WMAX with the 704 binnacle control, will not start in either gear, just neutral. If someone out there can start their engine in gear, GET IT REPAIRED.
Picked up my 2021 Bennington 22SSBX with a 115Hp Yamaha a week ago. Had a chance to complete the 1st hour break-in and loving the Yamaha motor. I was surprised the throttle lever didn't have a "button" that you need to squeeze when shifting throttle forward from neutral and/or reverse from neutral. Instead there are detents that you can "feel" when you shift the throttle from neutral to forward but not a physical stop to prevent accidentally shifting the motor into gear. Is this something Yamaha changed in recent years? It scary to think that someone could accidently bump the throttle lever and have the boat take-off.

I have an older ski boat that I have to squeeze a button on the throttle to shift the motor into gear and thought that was industry standard (to prevent accidental shifting). Thanks!
DD952, I have a 2000 Yamaha OX66 150HP with a control that incorporates a pull up under the horizontal part of the control handle. Now, on my 2021 F115LB there is no such lock out, only a detent for neutral. I gotta say I like the lock feature on the 2000 control over the detent on the 2021. But, as I'm fond of saying, no called and asked for my opinion <g>.