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    3M "perfect blue" wrap

    I like it better! Looks Great!!
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    Fishing Wires from one side to the other.

    Using the fiberglass fish poles i ran a couple of 2 gauge welding cable wires from the battery in the rear to under the console for the stereo. I have the under skinning as well and did it by myself with the boat on a lift in our boathouse. There's a small space when looking from the side of...
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    Fishing Wires from one side to the other.

    I've used the fiberglass rod set from Harbor Freight to fish wires when installing my stereo a few years ago. Worked great. I just taped the wires to the rods and pushed them to where they needed to go.
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    Yamaha VMAX 90 on a 20ft pontoon

    !5 pitch sounds like too much for a 90 hp engine. I think you would be better in the 11-13 Pitch range. When I had my 115 HP Yamaha, I went with 13 Pitch 4 blade Nemesis aluminum prop made for pontoons. It performed great.
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    kicker amp problems

    Does it only do it at a loud volume? Could be over temp or maybe the power wires feeding it are too small to carry the current?
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    Replacement LED Stern Light Not Working

    I agree with JohnL, swap the wires around and I bet it works.
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    Mercury Prop Selector

    Are the toons really dirty?
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    Fuel and Trim Gauges

    On the fuel gauge, not much help since I never had a problem with any of mine. I did have to adjust the trim sensor on the motor to get my gauge to make the full travel. That sensor is really finicky. I played with it for at least 20 minutes before getting it right.
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    Prop wobbling

    Make sure you have the correct size thrust washer. I don't ever recall on any of my outboards any side to side play.
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    Help find me a new prop

    I ran a Nemesis 13" when I had a 115 Yamaha 4 stroke on my Express Toon 22'. 6200 RPM, 31 mph, great hole shot and good handling around the dock.
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    Pontoon battery storage

    I use a battery tender (trickle charger) on my boats, jets skis and motorcycles anytime they are not in use. Batteries last much longer that way.
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    Anyone use a "rear view mirror"?

    PTM Edge here too. Works Great!!
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    Power-Assist Hydraulic Steering

    Probably not necessary but you will be glad you got it. It's recommended for 150 HP and up. With a 200, it will be hard to turn under power without it.
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    Engine Trim Gauge Question

    You can adjust the trim sender on the engine, but its a little tricky. It doesn't take much movement on the adjustment to make a big difference if I remember correctly.