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    Replace in dash fish finder

    I also have 22ssx (2015) and the GPS is very hard to see through the steering wheel. How did this work out for you? We've been trying to think of a way to remedy this.
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    playpen cover versus seat covers

    Can you please post a picture of the clips. Did you order the playpen cover from BENNINGTON? Or custom? Trying to make informed decisions regarding our new to us 2015 22ssx. We’ve boated for 40 years, but this is our first pontoon. Thanks for any advice.
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    Bennington Bimini covers

    Has anyone purchased a full Bimini cover from Bennington. We are considering it but we are not sure as the old cover doesn’t fit well. If anyone has any experience with their Biminis please let me know. Charlie Gerrard
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    Warranty on Playpen Cover

    agreed, planning to have cover made with vents
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    Warranty on Playpen Cover

    Hi, just bought a new to me 22ssx. We need to get a playpen cover, as well as new full cover Bimini. What did you ultimately do for replacement? Were you pleased with your cover? Also looking forward to this forum and the knowledge and experience shared.