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    Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    I am 2 years into ownership and I spent about 3 months studying this forum before the order. I have a SX23 SPS and I have 2 regrets: Not getting a galvanized trailer and not choosing the Evinrude G2 250HO (largest motor I could legally have). I have the 150HO currently and it is a great motor...
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    Underwater lights on toons

    Which model did you install?
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    Cost to upgrade... Frustrated?

    I made it to 32.7% but it took about 6 weeks of bargaining. :)
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    Installed powered sub today

    Does anyone else have an issue using the auto sense turn on where it stays on 24/7 and kills your batter? That is the issue I am having.
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    Engine cover?

    I have a 3/4 Oceansouth cover for my G2 and it is great quality and good fit. I paid $63 for it.
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    Auto Bilge Pump

    Yes, red light in the other direction which I assume indicates a good fuse since the bilge comes on.
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    Auto Bilge Pump

    I have a 2018 SX and I thought there was a red light on the switch that stayed on when you put the bilge pump in auto. I no longer see that and am wondering if I am crazy or if something is wrong. Can someone verify for me?
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    Considering Buying a 2018 25 QCWA...

    Whites marine center. Saw that deal and would jump all over it now!
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    First Pontoon: 2018 Bennington 23SSBXP....Can't Wait!

    I have the Rebel TBX 15 x 15 3/4".
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    First Pontoon: 2018 Bennington 23SSBXP....Can't Wait!

    I now have a 15 pitch prop and get 5,750 rpm’s and 36.5mph
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    Evinrude E-TEC G2 Power Steering

    I have the 150HO and can answer most questions, as I have done a ton of research. Pricing from the 150 to the 150HO was minimal and worth it. Pricing from the 150HO to the 200 was not minimal and didn't have the same rebates and was not worth it in my opinion. You may get 2-3mph more than the...
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    First Pontoon: 2018 Bennington 23SSBXP....Can't Wait!

    Here is what I am using and it works pretty good for the purpose. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7"; 8 GB Wifi... Tablet Car Mount Holder, Linkstyle...
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    First Pontoon: 2018 Bennington 23SSBXP....Can't Wait!

    I thought it was a good time for a follow up with 2 months of ownership coming up. I am still working with dealer to get these things addressed soon. I wasn’t getting much help and had to eacalate to the GM. Goods: The structure of the boat seems to be built very well built. Overall, great...
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    Installed powered sub today

    Do the “L” brackets from the photo in the first post come with it? Mine didn’t have them nor does the side of the sub box have a predrilled place to install them.
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    First Pontoon: 2018 Bennington 23SSBXP....Can't Wait!

    Hello. I think all that info should be in the entire thread. 36 mph top speed with just me in the boat. Would be about 41 without Ultra Legs. Very happy with the setup so far.