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    Bennington Production

    I drove past the factory on the freeway this past Thanksgiving. There were more boats sitting there than I have ever seen. Hundreds... if not more.
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    Bennington Production

    Thank you, Jack. You are THE MAN!
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    This thread is closed. Please be safe and healthy.
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    2020 NCAA Basketball thread......

    And with this news, the thread is closed. See you in 2021.
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    Lake and Marina “Neighbor” Rants:

    I'm over in Frankfort. Hit me up to have a beer sometime. Maybe the new brewery in Beulah? I'm all in.
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    Lake and Marina “Neighbor” Rants:

    We own the house right next door and have rented it out on an annual basis since 1992. Always rented to hard working local people and 90% have been good folks (even the Section 8 tenants). I have kept the rent reasonable and kept the place up maintenance-wise. It's sometimes a bit of a pain...
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    So this happend to our cottage Monday evening, 2/24:

    He is spare parts. He needed to drop it back about 40%. It will be new deck time at your place in the spring. FERDA.
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    Did Quality change?

    I spent some time at our boat show this week pouring over the 2020 Benningtons. I think we can lay to rest any suggestion that Bennington is reducing the quality of their boats. I saw NO evidence of any such thing. Given the extended number of years on the warranty, they would be fools to do...
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    Got to get up and personal with the new bowrider model at the boat show this week - my observations and photos inside

    There was an R-series bowrider at my boat show and I was able to spend some time looking it over. All in all, it's a very nice boat. The interior (this one in two-tone grey) was very nicely done. I really like it. I crawled under the bow best I could to see the understructure. It's hard to see...
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    2020 Brochure

    Mine, too, Smitty! Drool, drool.
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    What makes a GREAT boat captain?

    LOL. This Captain (me) approaches it quite differently!
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    What makes a GREAT boat captain?

    I ALWAYS make my guests ask, "Permission to come aboard, Captain?"
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    We've previously discussed the Bennington center console fishing model. Here are some photos...

    I wasn't sure if anyone has posted photos of this model yet. Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure.
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    I'd love a black Corvette with red interior. But on a Bennington? Hmm...

    I found these photos on Facebook. Looks to be a 2020 QX. Thoughts on the color combo?
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    New to Bennington

    I was thinking ahead to the next generation. Specifically a boat with the battery cell engineered in for maximum performance and handling. Oh, and something with the power to run with the 300+ horsepower gasoline eggbeaters! ;-)