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    Curved Bimini Vrs Standard?

    Good info as it is important that they lock in place and are correct length. There are lots of options when you start exploring available hardware. I didn't realize Bennington made a change in width.
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    Easiest way to monitor battery activity

    I like to keep an eye on battery voltage on the built in Garman on starboard side of helm. With engine running, it is around 14.6 vdc telling me alternator system is working properly. I added a Faria depth gauge on port side in dash above Kicker stereo head unit wired to accessory switch...
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    Trump Parade Tears!!!

    Are fasteners not through bolted to bottom side that holds furniture in? Good to know for access
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    Fishing Wires from one side to the other.

    It would be much easier with 2 people as ** when ** it hangs up you can rattle rods and helper can guide tip past obstacles with another pole. I did it by myself from rear of port toon forward, then across midship to starboard and up through helm access hole for all wires and steering. Was...
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    New Boater in NE Ohio

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Bennington! I am out in Portland, Oregon but wanted to welcome you to forum!
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    Check in with your cruising speed, RPM, FF and range.

    any update on therapy for cat?
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    2019 22 SLXP Help

    Question....So the pillowtop upgrade is totally separate of premium interior? My 2017 22 SSRCX is not a "premium" but well optioned (Yamaha 150, SPS, electrically assisted hydraulic steering, ski locker, filler seat, full GPS gauges, Garman, wave shields, lifting strakes, SS ladder, SS tow...
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    Trump Parade Tears!!!

    Still think it might not hurt to add some fasteners/reinforcement ourselves if the furniture isn't too hard to get loose. Sorry to those that got damage. :(
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    Trump Parade Tears!!! a row of lasers on bow to vaporize oversize roque waves before they contact boat might not be a realistic option? Probably only add $25k to
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    Loss of power / won't reach WOT it is in limp mode (reduced power) because of a fault code.....makes sense so you aren't stranded on water. Funny they don't add "check engine" light on dash so you are aware it needs error diagnosed
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    Trump Parade Tears!!!

    If there was a row of fasteners through the center horizontal rib of fence with a backing aluminum plate, it might be enough to prevent the damage.
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    Trump Parade Tears!!!

    Maybe Bennington should offer an optional reinforcement backing of the frontal sheet metal to prevent this. If they backed with 1/8" or 3/16" aluminum welded or bolted well to the grid of the fence, it would make a big difference. How hard is it to remove front furniture? Are they bolted...
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    Trump Parade Tears!!!

    Sorry to hear about that! I thought having 3 pontoons helped buoyancy enough to prevent that. I have an idea if it is ridiculous money to fix it to original look...........They make aluminum sheets with diamond plate texture in different thicknesses. What if you got exact measurements of the...
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    Curved Bimini Vrs Standard?

    Glad that I could help! At that price you can keep some spares on board in case one gets dropped into the water or they start showing corrosion as they probably are nickel plated at $2 each.
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    Loss of power / won't reach WOT

    Will it rev up high rpm in neutral if you momentarily rev it like a hotrodder?