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    depth finder, transducer

    I wonder if the people that have raised their motors have noticed an improvement in this. I've ordered a SImrad on our new boat and this is kind of disappointing to read.
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    Baby Benny Pictures

    Congrats on a fantastic boat!
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    Used Bennington G Series - better than new?

    Sounds like a very good bargain. Congrats.
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    Boat Demand is HIGH !!

    Which SHO? We ordered the 250 on a 'L' series in the first week of November and haven't been told of any expected delays. Our build start 2/12/21. Wonder if it's all models of the SHO or just certain ones??
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    New Build, thank you to everyone!

    Sign the papers and finalize the deal before this forum costs you a lot more money!! Lol.
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    New boat

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    Order placed!

    We signed our paperwork the first week of November. We have a 2/12 start date on our build. Hoping for it to arrive the first or second week of March.
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    Boat Demand is HIGH !!

    We are in S.E. Michigan, but have a family place up in Higgins Lake. (Not on the So I am very familiar with the area.
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    Boat Demand is HIGH !!

    We went through this last year trying to get a boat. Definitely a sellers market. We finalized our order the first week of November and our build is scheduled to start on 2/12. I assume it will only get crazier unless you scoop one up off the sales floor.
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    Today was the day! Took ownership of the 20SLG!

    Congrats!! What an awesome moment for you and your family!
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    Mercury 450r

    Mercury has posted a performance bulletin with that set up. They reported 57 mph at 6400 RPMS.
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    It's official.... PADS is complete/cured

    How would a person go about doing this? (Provided COVID hasn't changed the process)
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    It's official.... PADS is complete/cured

    Congrats! I went through the same process recently so I completely understand the struggle. Once I couldn't make anymore changes, I was actually relieved. Lol
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    Fuel Tank Option

    We built a 23'. 50 gallon with in tube storage. ESP hull