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    Replacing carpet

    Wow. That’s going to look sharp. Is that red original or did you have it repainted or reapholstered when you took it all off? Can’t wait for more pictures as you get it put back together.
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    Simrad Go7 Display

    I’ve read it has a screen sharing capability with iPad or other tablets. Look it up on google/YouTube for more help as I haven’t gotten my boat to play with it yet and figure it out. Good luck!
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    New to boating

    That would be awesome. The ones they have been using are called the Sidekick Dry. The Sidekick I bought on eBay must have been the older version with the zipper. I was concerned that it wouldn’t be waterproof. The new ones have the magnetic closure. Thanks!
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    New to boating

    If you have a navy blue one in good condition you wouldn’t mind parting with I’d be interested. I’d also consider gray. PM me if you are interested. Thanks
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    New to boating

    You are so lucky! I bought one on eBay but it was a little different style and not fully waterproof. Your guy didn’t happen to have another one or access to one more did he?
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    Pontoons, length, engine size, occasional gulf use.

    Good for you. Your screen name is fitting. You are definitely spoiled with wonderful weather and gorgeous scenery. Enjoy your updated boat!
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    Should this be a warranty item

    Did you put a stopper in so the door stays open? Do you just wedge something in there? Just curious what the best way to do it is since I will be trailering my new boat. Thanks!
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    Sport Arch with Entertainment Bar/Galley

    Best thing would be to have your dealer contact Bennington and see if they would do that as a custom item. There is a lot they can do if you ask. Good luck and keep us posted. :)
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    anchor rope

    That’s what I was looking at. I was actually looking at the powder coated anchors through them but they only carry a small and a large. When I called they recommended I would need a large. 26 pounds sounds like overkill so I wanted to check with you guys who have lots of experience and...
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    anchor rope

    I have two questions for everyone. 1. I’m wanting to get a box anchor for my 26 LXL with ESP. How heavy of one do I need? Anchor company has a 21 and 26 pound ones and said I need the large one. I don’t fish so mostly just dropping anchor to swim in calmer water. What weight should I be looking...
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    The loss of my best friend

    What a handsome boy.
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    L Bench with SPS

    Yea. I’m guessing that the table post goes where the fuel tank would be. When I was playing with the boat builder site over the last year I found if you build a stern radius model you could get the 50 gallon tank in the tube. If you put in an aft table then you couldn’t do the upgraded fuel tank...
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    L Bench with SPS

    From Bennington. Your sales person should be able to get it or email Bennington directly and someone there should be able to send it to you. I went round and round with engineering because I wanted the batteries under the seat but they said it couldn’t go under there (doesn’t make much sense...
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    L Bench with SPS

    Yes. Both my salesman at a large dealership and the regional manager said with the ESP it would be a 50 gallon tank in the center tube. When I got the drawing from Bennington and spoke to engineering they said it has to be in the changing room and no matter what size motor you get you can only...
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    Lake Lanier GA / Lake Hartwell SC Suggestion

    That’s gorgeous. Will be a nice time.