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    Battery Draining Quickly

    You could add a battery disconnect switch near the battery. You can then turn the battery switch to on or off. If you have dual batteries you can select 1, 2, 1+2, or off. They are pretty easy to install. Here is a link to one...
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    Shale stone interior color

    I agree with the statement above. I had a 2018 with sand stone colored seats. It was a light beige color.
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    Boat Lift

    I leave mine down if gone for the day. When I take the boat out for more than a day the lift is raised out of the water.
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    1st Time Buyer

    Awesome looking boat! I have a swing back as well. You will really like that configuration, and with a 150 you should hit low 40s with a light load.
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    Engine suggestions in a hurry

    You will be close, but maybe a shade under 35 mph with a full boat and tubing. I have a Yamaha 150 and with 8 adults and pulling a tube, 31 to 32 is max. This is plenty fast enough for me (most of the time I'm in the 28 mph range pulling a tube if its teenagers on it. If you want to run 35 mph...
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    Swingback Issues

    I would say that is a warranty issue, but one that a dealer could handle fairly easy.
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    New Owner on Clarks Hill

    I agree on the small box anchor. I'm on a mucky bottom, but think it would work on clay too.
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    Great weekend!

    Wow, that's a lot of debris. Hopefully it clears up soon and has gotten rid of most of it for the year.
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    Great weekend!

    Sorry to hear that. We actually needed some rain and got nearly 2 inches Friday night which put some debris in the water, but it wasn't too bad. Then we had sunny skies the rest of the weekend. Hopefully you can have nice weather very soon!
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    Great weekend!

    Well... they actually had their own boat they were trying out. It is an older model with a motor that had set up for a while, but it ran great. We let them use the neighborhood boat ramp to avoid the congested public one. So, they probably just bought a boat and a tube!
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    Great weekend!

    This holiday weekend like most had its highs and lows, but having the opportunity to visit with my sister in law and brother in law is always good. Then, today they asked if it was okay to invite some friends with twin 4 year old girls. I didn't hesitate to tell them to come. I asked them if...
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    Sharkshide on new boat

    My first boat (2018 21 SSRX) was ordered in late December and delivered in late February. It came with sharkhide factory applied and I live in Alabama. I don't know if this is done all the time in the winter, but if I order another boat in the winter I would not pay for it. I would just hope to...
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    Prop locks......

    I don't, but I have thought about getting one. Thankfully, I am in a good area (still doesn't mean it won't get taken). Now that I've said that my prop will be gone!
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    Do Bimini tops on 2020 models lower?

    It is in the radar position in this picture.