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    Pontoon Front Gate Latch

    The screws are adjustable and can be tightened to prevent the catch from swiveling. Mine fits snug and maintains its alignment.
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    Pontoon Front Gate Latch

    At Here's the website: Easy to install. Comes in black, white and stainless steel. Yesterday, the wind was up and we were dodging thunderstorms but never had a problem with the gate releasing. Its also nicer than a fixed...
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    Generally, the KMC100 is sold only to dealers. It is very similar to the KMC4.
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    Snap that gate into position

    Another option.
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    Pontoon Front Gate Latch

    Added a magnetic gate latch to my front gate. Now it doesn't bang around at the dock or the restaurant.
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    The KMC45 has 25 W x 4, which is really not enough to drive 4 6.5" speakers. The KMC5 does not have much more power than the KMC4 - I don't think it justifies the added cost. Here's a link for the KMC4: Separate amps...
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    Deke, Here is a link to the KMC45. It is an older unit that has limited capability. Upgrading will be a definite improvement. The KMC4 has all you need to do that, except for amps, which you will want in order to get the sound you're looking for. I installed my sub under my rear bench seat...
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    Based on my experience so far with the KMC100 and the 3 sets of RCA outputs, replacing your head unit will be easier and cleaner. then you'll be able to set it up like mine or like Magician.
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    Sub and amp

    I have the 2020 23SSBXP, it has the Kicker KMC10 stereo upgrade, which has a subwoofer rca output. My amp uses a "signal on" so I didn't install the remote wire. Works perfect. Most amps today don't need the remote turn on.
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    Built a boat. Submitted to Bennington.

    We purchased a 2020 23SSBXP, matador red with the blackout package, loaded, with 200 HP Yamaha, in September. Absolutely love the boat. Upgraded Kicker stereo, all the RGB lights, pillowtop diamond upholstery, swingback keeper rail, elevated chaise, SPS system, salt water package, vinyl teak...
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    Cracked Power tilt/trim reservoir, anyone ever had that?

    Are you sure that reservoir is plastic? Mine was cast aluminum. I'd say there was a factory defect or it got dropped.
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    Simrad GO5 XSE Intermittent resetting

    This is typically caused by a low power situation. Low battery, bad connection, loose wires, or a bad fuse are generally the cause. These new electronics are really finicky when power blips.
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    Last day......

    We've only had our new 23SSBXP out on the water once, here in Mississippi. Last Saturday was sunny and 68 with light winds, but we enjoyed it. Planning to get it on the water again Saturday if the rain ends. Its a chance for showers and 76. Hope to use it into the 2nd week of December before...
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    Great thread. I have the same SSBXP23 Swingback, but I have six kicker led lighted speakers and the KMC100 head unit. The speakers are fed from two different sources. The main harness feeds the four inside the cockpit, zone 2 feeds those on the back. There are RCA outputs for each pair of...