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    Taking on water under helm

    Welcome and sorry that this is happening to you. I'd have to guess that you don't have the under-skinning. Hopefully your dealer can come up with a solution!
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    Water Appears to Be Flowing From Under Floor?

    Hmm, if memory serves me (and it often doesn't) I don't think mine does anything like that. I think I only have water in the well, regardless of speed but I'll confirm in a couple of weeks when we get back to the boat.
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    1st Time Buyer

    Congratulations! She's a beauty...
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    Kicker LED speaker rings

    Welcome! Frankly, I'd just replace those speakers with one's that have the LED already built-in.
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    How To Use Battery 1 and 2 - Conflicting Info - Please help!

    I can't remember what I went into the bathroom to do so I'm certainly not going to remember to switch my batteries when I leave the sandbar. As such, from the moment I install them in the spring to the time I take them out in the fall, I leave it on A+B or 1+2 and have never had a problem. Now...
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    Broken Bimini again

    Yikes! Obviously that could have resulted in a serious injury so glad that didn't happen.
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    New Bennington Owner

    Welcome Justin and post some pictures of your new Benny!
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    Tube Support Spacing PDF

    Welcome Clint! Can't help you with your question but someone probably can and will. Be sure to post some pictures!
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    boat in quarentine

    Frustrating, to say the least. As I like to say, timing is everything. Hang in there and be sure to post some pictures once you get her!
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    Just bought a qx25. How to charge?

    Welcome Gqsam! How about posting some pictures of your new Benny so we can all enjoy her? Regarding battery charging, I use a smart charger during the off-season but once I splash her for the summer I've never needed to charge them. Do you plan on not using her for an extended period?
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    Welcome as well to RaiderDon! She's a beauty! Personally, I like the mono paint scheme that both of you have.
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    Welcome to the Bennington family! You're in for an awesome adventure beginning this summer.
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    What caused this?

    Darn! What a bummer indeed but thankfully it could have been worse.
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    Mercury Prop Rebate

    I received an email from Mercury promoting a special discount: Boat owners seeking more power and better fuel-efficiency often see significant improvements by replacing their current propeller with one that is specifically designed for their type of boating. Purchase a new Mercury prop during...
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    Seats on my 2015 benny

    Yikes! Guess that'll be one of the first things I'll do when we splash her in June.