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    1st two hours of Break in complete!

    Thanks for the pictures and write up. Once your break-in is complete, hopefully your WOT RPMs will increase enough to put you in the suggested range. Otherwise, you'll need to drop your pitch down one.
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    Fall 2019 Boat Shows

    That's by far the largest bow deck I've ever seen. You could almost put a patio table and chairs up there, or at least a couple of lounge chairs.
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    So, what am I missing? Joke must be on me...
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    A seed has been planted

    How so, Mr. Andy?
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    Pontoon battery storage

    I also use a battery tender over the winter (NOCO genius G3500). With two batteries, I just alternate every month or so. Got seven years out of my last set of batteries so I'm sold.
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    replace pontoon logs

    Harry, welcome to the forum. Frankly, I'd be looking for a new pontoon rather than replacing the logs. Unless you can do it yourself, it seems like a lot of money toward an old boat. Either way, good luck!
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    Bennington QX25 Build w/ Mercury 350 or 400

    Welcome Rownbey8! I'm not sure you're going to find too may folks with either the Merc 350 or 400 but there are a couple. That said, hardly anyone complains about too much HP so I'd go with the 400 and eliminate any second guessing. Be sure to post some pictures once you have her delivered!
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    My First Pontoon- My first Bennington - and a rookie question!

    Here's a picture of mine...
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    My First Pontoon- My first Bennington - and a rookie question!

    Welcome DogTag34! She's a beauty and will absolutely fly with that 350 hanging off the back. Shark Hide is pretty popular on this site but will present a problem trying to do it on a trailer. Another possibility is to have the toons wrapped with Vantage Pontoon Wrap. They have several...
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    New 3D boat builder

    So, how does your new boat look in 3D? :)
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    My Simrad G05, just in the wrong location!

    Danny, that came out really nice! However, my first thought would have been to adjust the position of the steering wheel so the spokes would be in a "Y" formation while going straight. Ultimately, what you had done will allow for high visibility no matter how the wheel is turned.
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    End of Season Thanks

    M Jay, nice post! Hopefully you've got plenty of boating memories to carry you through the winter. I know that on cold, dark winter nights I've caught myself telling the family that a few months back at about this time we were enjoying a beautiful summer evening on the boat rather than staring...
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    Seats on my 2015 benny

    Thank goodness for the warranty! Richard, I'd have to say that it wasn't anything you've done but more like bad luck. I'll have to remember to take a closer look at mine next summer but I don't think I'm having a problem like a number of you. I think most folks will agree that such issues are...
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    Pics from our newest Benny’s first season...

    Thanks for sharing!
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    A seed has been planted

    Here's to letting that seed grow! Bennington is coming out with some pretty slick 2020 models.