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    Benny Benny Benny

    Winter storage until next June, , routine maintenance oil change , clean toons,charge battery next year = $ 1640.00 You are right doesn't come cheap but is well worth it.
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    Replace front door

    I replaced my door a few years ago, the rivets can be drilled out and the same holes used for the new ones. i drilled the ones out of the door, new hinges do not come with the door. You may want to ask your dealer or Bennington what size rivets to use. I can't remember the size but I know it was...
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    Anyone use a "rear view mirror"?

    same here
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    Anyone use a "rear view mirror"?

    I was a skeptic until I tried the PTM Edge. No issues looking forward at all.
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    Vibration two out of three trailers

    check the trailer hitch mounting bolts on the truck frame, possibly could have a loose bolt. Check truck tires for bulges etc.
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    Problem with USB port on 2018 Sfx

    Make sure you don't need 1 of your accessory switches turned on. I have a 2017 sfx and i have to turn my switch on.
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    Any idea where I could buy a replacement galley container?

    I ordered a commercial rubber maid container off Amazon. Rubbermaid Commercial Plastic 7-Gallon Trash Can, Beige worked great. Can't find the part number but I bought it in 2017 so they may still be manufactured.
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    Beeping then quits.

    Check the fuse on the motor/ and wiring.
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    Problems with Yamaha F150 with 32 hours

    you may need a new fuel line, the line will degrade on the inside and collapse.
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    Here We Go Again ?

    I haven't been on the boat yet. Better days are coming I hope.
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    Tow vehicle to consider!

    I towed for many years, first dodge then in 2014 I got an F-150 with 3.5 ecoboost. best truck I have ever owned, gets very good mileage when towing my pontoon unlike the Dodge Ram I had for many years. I would buy another ecoboost in a heart beat.
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    Benny On Its Way, After A Long Winter

    After 14 years of towing my pontoon and numerous blown tires, replacing wheel bearings, brakes, miscellaneous repairs on the trailer, lights and wiring, state inspections and registration + trailer storage i am really enjoying having a tritoon with no trailer.
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    Here We Go Again ?

    I'm looking forward to spending time on my Benny this year, last year was really wet and this year looks like more of the same. Fingers crossed for a good dry summer.
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    Newbie in need of parking help into boat slip

    I boat on a lake where I have to fight the wind and rough waves. The winds are usually cross winds so I enter the slip at a speed that overcomes the winds, and I reverse the motor before I hit the front of the slip. I also learned not to watch the stern but I watch the bow as I enter the slip...
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    Motor question

    After you check the obvious problems, { connections and fuses} make sure the battery is being charged.I had a 2003 Mercury 90 Hp which was identical to the Yamaha. My rectifier went bad, that is what charges the battery, it was a simple fix, also if the battery was charged but boat motor won't...