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    Vehicle to tow

    I have a F150 with a 365 HP ecoboost. I had a dodge hemi and a dodge v-10, this ford tows way better than a dodge and gets better gas mileage.
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    OEM quality replacement covers for a Bennington Pontoon

    what part of the cpuntry are you from? i had Tumacs make a cover for my 2275 fsi . But they are about 2 miles from my house.
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    Electrical issue - battery connected backwards

    A fuse is usually installed at the battery, this controls lights and accessories. replaced mine a few times, also there is a fuse under the cowl on outboad motors that control the engine start , that may have blown. google your motor brand and you should be able to locate the fuse.
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    Docking lights

    normally a trolling motor is not wired to a plug under the deck, turn your docking light switch on and check for power at the plug you mentioned.
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    Docking lights

    look under the deck at the front of the boat.
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    where are people mounting their fishing finders?

    Here is my location.
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    Did Quality change?

    I have owned an older Bennington and can tell you the quality is not the same on my 2017, but it is what it is.
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    Weight Capacity Question

    Under boating regulations a " soul " has no weight. this means a 500 lb person or a baby weigh the same for the listed 15 person limit. The boat structure would be a whole different issue as to the total weight of passengers and equipment.
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    Retrieving the boat, back onto the trailer, can be a real pain!

    I had these on my trailer when i was still towing the boat. i am on a lake with 10-15 mph. crosswinds and never had an issue. once the boat starts on the trailer I could power all the way and it would center on the bunks.
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    Lake and Marina “Neighbor” Rants:

    Federal and state laws for polluting waters have to be in place, i would think someone turned this in. the government has the resources to go after the polluters.
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    Benny Benny Benny

    Winter storage until next June, , routine maintenance oil change , clean toons,charge battery next year = $ 1640.00 You are right doesn't come cheap but is well worth it.
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    Replace front door

    I replaced my door a few years ago, the rivets can be drilled out and the same holes used for the new ones. i drilled the ones out of the door, new hinges do not come with the door. You may want to ask your dealer or Bennington what size rivets to use. I can't remember the size but I know it was...
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    Anyone use a "rear view mirror"?

    same here