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    Vmax vs standard F series yamaha

    It was a 23RCW so a foot longer than your model.
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    Vmax vs standard F series yamaha

    I owned two 250 hp Yamahas. The first was the grey "Offshore" model and the second was the VF250 SHO. The grey one had a 3.3L block for which 250hp was the upper limit and the SHO had the 4.2L block. These two had different gear ratios so the grey one had a 19P prop and the SHO started with a...
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    Battery Question

    The age of the battery will matter too. Their lifespan seems to be somewhere between 3 and 7 years (size of course dictates as well). If it's a brand new battery, you could probably go all day and be fine. A 3 year old one, maybe half that. A 6 year old one, maybe don't shut the engine off...
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    Bennington prices?

    I'm sorry but 25% to 30% off was great when an S class was in the 40s, a G class in the 50s and an R class was high 60s or low 70s. It hasn't been that long ago, folks. It's not only Bennington that is on the greed train, they all are. I guess you can't fault them, it's human nature but it's...
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    Engine suggestions in a hurry

    I think the OP already finalized his decision and he's on his way to building his Popeye forearms!
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    Trouble leaving slip in wind

    If it's windy be sure to lower your sails (Bimini). That will help some. Also the first two of your three fixes up above might help but slow is your friend so careful with adding power. Are you turning the wheel all the way? Turn it faster on your starboard to port turn. Always "lead" your...
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    Tritoon Trailer which brand? Cost?

    Boat dealers' trailers are sourced from the same place as a store that only sells trailers except for some of the wake and surf inboard models. A quick search in your area should show you where a trailer store is near you. A good trailer for that boat should cost around $3000 new where a...
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    Engine suggestions in a hurry

    Did you commit to this boat? Because I'm with the salesguy who tried to push you to a 23 footer with a 250. In your first post you mentioned FILLING the boat to capacity THEN running tubes all with 175HP on a 22 footer with no power steering. I can't say I've tried that exact setup or even...
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    Simrad turn by turn navigation?

    Thanks for the info. How much did that chip and activation cost?
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    So long, Evinrude, it's been good to know ya!

    Wow. I really wanted that engine on my boat for a while. Now I'm glad I didn't end up getting that wish!
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    How To Use Battery 1 and 2 - Conflicting Info - Please help!

    It's personal preference really but what makes most sense to me, since 1 nearly dead battery can still start the engine, is to just run it on 1 battery and leave the other as a backup which is probably why this feature was conceived in the first place. Or, you can travel on 1 and switch to 2 if...
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    Simrad turn by turn navigation?

    Do these new Simrad 5 and 7 units I'm seeing on new boats lately do turn by turn nav out of the box or with an optional upgrade? My 2013 Benny had a Garmin 53DV. That had the capability but only with an additional outlay ($150 or so for a mini SD card). It was great, especially for zipping...
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    Sharrow props

    Looks like Sharrow is starting to come to their senses. The news just came out that they reduced their price by 80% Now instead of being completely unrealistic and ludicrous at $10,000, they're down to extravagantly expensive at $2000. While that might make sense for a commercial or high...
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    Table Modification

    Your first post invoked images of stuff you might see on THIS site but THAT looks awesome!
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    Bimini Top Question

    Adjusting the Bimini by sliding the support brackets around is voodoo second only to prop selection. Each move affects the whole thing, not just the area you think it does. Seek help from a dealer or maybe youtube?