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    So this happend to our cottage Monday evening, 2/24:

    Wow - that is amazing. I can see that being part of a snowmobile safety class. Put it in the chapter "This is what happens when you are stupid." Kid is lucky to walk away from it. Your security company / video equipment co. might want to pay you to use that video as it just saved a cabin...
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    Flag holder

    Interesting that I am willing to spend $40k on a pontoon, but pull up short on spending for a nice flag pole. I feel good about saving money using velcro for some strange reason. I know, some sort of rationalization going on in my mind. :-) But when my wife criticizes me for spending the...
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    Flag holder

    We went with velcro ties until I could figure something else out. Very easy but not as fancy as a specific pole. Looks better with two black vecro straps.
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    Well, we did it, POLISHED TOONS! Whatcha think?

    Looks great. I wonder if painted toons would be cheaper and easier to maintain in the long run. Many painted fishing boats look great after years of use. Why is it different for pontoons. I had my painted sport fish Alum boat for 20 years and it looked great with minimal maint.
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    Here's a couple more pics

    Very impressive. Looks like chrome. Do you know how long that will last?
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    Sanding Pontoon for Salt Damage

    Thanks for the reply BigKahuna. I am guessing that the damage occurred during transport between the factory and the dealer or possibly between the dealer and the local MN Boat show that takes place in January. The dealer discounted the price given the "oxidation" for what they said was snow...
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    Sanding Pontoon for Salt Damage

    Hello, My pontoon has what looks to be salt damage. The dealer originally said it was just oxidation, caused by snow piles, and that it would blend in after some use in the water. After a season of use, I am thinking that it was more than just "snow piles" in the parking lot and that my guess...
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    Six seasons and 400 hours later...

    Thanks - I didn't realize they had a saltwater package. Makes sense.
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    Six seasons and 400 hours later...

    Hello - looks like a great area. I assume it is salt water. How does that impact maintenance with pontoon? Thanks.
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    USA flag installation

    I just Velcro mine to Bimini top. Very easy.
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    UPF Hitch Lock

    My trailer has one side that the sun really seems to hit the tires. Thus, to try to avoid dry rot, I decided to remove those tires. The other option was to cover them like RV trailer parks do.
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    UPF Hitch Lock

    I try to make it difficult by putting a lock on the hitch, a chain around the frame to a tree or fixed object, and remove tires on the sunny side. If they want it, they will get it, but it will be a little more work. Sad that we have to do this to protect stuff.
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    That 3rd picture looks like salt corrosion / pitting to me. Hopefully not, but it loos similar to my pontoon which has the same issue. I believe my pontoon was transported during salt road conditions in MN and not cleaned off.
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    Pontoon guards

    I just ordered the brushed aluminum pontoon wrap with bumper guard. Hopefully worth the $, although just letting them age would have been the smarter financial decision. Then again, buying a cheaper pontoon brand would have been better for the bank balance, but I feel better in a Bennington...
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    Winter Storage

    In Minnesota, at dealership, 22 GSR, $850 for winterized, stored outside shrink wrap, and I have to pick it up. Seems expensive.