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    Aftermarket Dock Lights

    Which model? Here’s my build for a SXP, had three options if I recall?
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    Simrad power flickering

    I hate electrical issues, maybe more than tracing vacuum. Start on one side of the circuit and work towards the other testing as you go along. I personally would start at the unit since presumably everything else is not bumping on the wake. Try giving it a tap when sitting idle - no issues...
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    Bennington Production

    Just saw some emails trading between my dealer and Bennington as late as yesterday so the factory is still “working”. Likely not fabricating but good to see they haven’t turtled up completely.
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    So whats this handle for?

    Foot rest for your shorter friends....
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    Bennington Production

    If that was directed towards me, I’m just speculating based on Jack’s comment.
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    Bennington Production

    Ruh roh, looks like my build just came to a screeching halt!!
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    Smack that Bass, love it! Of course my wife would be hitting me over my head with a plastic bumper... I’m hoping mine simply has fish scales and guts all over it. Congrats!
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    New Boat Questions

    Appreciate the offer! That blackout package looks awesome. Wife thinks it will get too hot to touch in the summer and I agree, plus it was $$$ that I needed for other things. I did have the live well spec’d but with the changed front seating Benny says that neither live well nor cooler can be...
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    New Boat Questions

    In case anyone is bored due to COVID19 lockdowns like I am, here an update on the build. Finally got the engineering drawings from Benny for my custom 23 SSBXP. Basically Frankenstein’s monster where we’re deleting the port seating on the swing back layout and subbing for a dinette table, and...
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    Perspective Bennington Owner question

    Check out Boat Trader and look at some high-volume dealers around the country and you should be able to determine the market for this. From my quick look it appears to be a fair price for a 115. Come with a trailer? I don’t have any experience with this particular model or being on one with a...
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    Did Quality change?

    Hey at least the new brochures are better. :D
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    Did Quality change?

    That was very much in jest, I wouldn’t buy a life raft from BPS/Cabelas. Buyers are so price-sensitive these days that manufacturers probably need to cut a few corners to keep sales. Someone can go the Mercedes route and try to create a niche for the premium crowd, but maybe Bennington did...
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    Did Quality change?

    Wonderful, was just about to order a 2020 SSBXP. If you hadn’t said anything I would have been blissfully ignorant. Maybe I should check out the pontoons at Cabelas....
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    Did Quality change?

    Difference between model lines? S vs SX vs G etc?
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    Tritoon heading offshore through Haulover

    Meh, we all do stupid things. I do electrical work hot, drive too fast and eat junk food. I buy things that are free like water, religiously root for losing football teams but ignore my religious obligations. I’ve gone down class III-IV rapids in an inner tube and signed contracts without...