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    Replacement bimini zips too short

    Bennington only interacts with the end user thru the dealer network. Bennington will get you a build sheet but repairs and parts are all dealer issues.
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    A seed has been planted

    boats and snowmobiles. :) Got all seasons covered.
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    Winter Storage

    $300 a winter for inside a tobacco barn.
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    23RFBA delivery in days; couple questions

    It looks like the nose cones are polished. Are the rest of the toons coated with something gray?
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    Last day......

    I get to pull the boat from the KY dealer after a huge repair (fuel cell and new injectors) on Monday. Depending on weather on the 26th may launch after dock removals for a test run, then take inland for winterize and storage. Expensive year for boating (both boats major repairs). Good news...
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    Removing mold/ mildew spots from vinyl

    Marine 31 Mildew remover and then Marine 31 Mildew guard. I have used both and the remover is awesome. The guard does a great job.
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    Winter Storage

    Make sure they straddle the welded bulkheads of the pontoons.
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    anyone know a new or used trailer dealer in the NW lower peninsula of Michigan ?

    Check the regs in Michigan. 102" max width without a permit.
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    Interesting end of boating season.

    No, the big boat is still in the shop. Jill has 10 ladies coming to the Lake house next weekend. I will bring the Ohio boat back down and be captain for the day. I need to replace the garage door (1962 Vintage 16' x 7') so I will use the boat to transport It. Also, I will see how it trailers...
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    Pontoon transportation recommendations

    Uship is a nightmare. They only care about their commission and the drivers are trying to require how not to pay the fee. Tried it and got burned.
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    Suggestions for preventing mold on Benny seats.

    Marine 31 Mildew Guard. Their Mildew Cleaner is awesome and I have not had a problem since I started using the Guard. They are based in Fl so they know the issues.
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    anyone know a new or used trailer dealer in the NW lower peninsula of Michigan ?

    If height is an issue look at the Hoosier trailer with 10" tires. I have bought 2 of them so I can fit under 8'6" on the ferry. Great trailer.
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    Interesting end of boating season.

    Update: Got the engine repairs done and picked up the 22' pontoon yesterday. On the way home I went to the CAT scale. I have the weigh slips from when I was checking tongue weight. The boat had 750lbs of water in the rear toon. 90 gals of water. There is a 6" crack on top of the rear end...
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    Unusual Deck Stain

    Use a super siphon.
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    CamaFro Fans.

    mister-comfort I bought the portable system. I will give a report and pictures after next weekend.