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    Front shade

    I use 2" PVC and a toilet flange ( the grey piece) as a base. Right now it is just tied on with 3/16 line to the cleat at the base of the PVC. I will use zip ties the next time to free up the cleats for docking ropes. Used adapters at the top that necked down to 1.5" pipe for the cross beam...
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    Front shade

    We had the kids down to Lake Cumberland and our Daughter has a 4 month old. We needed some shade to keep mom and baby comfortable. I built a $100 front "Bimini". It actually worked good. I left it up while we were tubing and it handled the speed without a problem.
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    Box anchor

    FYI - the box anchor needs anchor rope with some give to keep from popping the anchor loose. I was using double diamond braided line and was dragging the anchor when rocking from boat wakes. I emailed Slide Anchor "3/8 braided nylon is what I would recommend. Use a two-to-one scope.......20...
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    Dumb Question

    if the depth finder shows speed then it GPS.
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    Locking motor during travel?

    We always tow with the motor down. No angle forces on the transom.
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    Talking with a Bennington Dealer

    Last Friday we stopped at Lookout Marine in Somerset KY to order a new trailer for the big boat. Talked to the general manager about his business this year. The most interesting comment was that if your engine had a problem, you might be done for the year. They have been in business for 40...
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    Cross Country Tow

    Do you Lunch after the Launch?
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    Pontoon guide ons

    Yes but Ram is installing the Hellcat engine in the the Ram for 2021. As the article today said Ford brought a knife to the gunfight this year. Ford's motor in the transmission is nice but not a game-changer. My problem is that the electric trucks might get 250 miles. Tomorrow I am driving...
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    Is this a great idea or what. Found on Facebook, Bennington pontoon owners

    It will only work on a engine that the pivot pin is behind the transom. Our Mercury 150 pivots insides the well and all the steering and wires and fuel lines are in the engine well.
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    Pontoon guide ons

    Factory Hellcat engine in the Ram next year:)
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    Box anchor

    It uses much less than others, some anchors need 8:1. It needs some rode. In 60', if you put out 80' the wave action from wakes can pull it loose. I love looking at all the anchor ropes going straight down and the boats floating around with the owners thinking they are anchored.
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    Is this a great idea or what. Found on Facebook, Bennington pontoon owners

    Oooops, I forgot and tilted my engine.
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    Box anchor

    We have a small and the baby box. The small will hold the 25' toon but you do have to get enough anchor line out. A 2:1 rode will work which is the advantage of the box anchor. We anchor in 60 - 80' and have to use 120' of line to know it will hold. We use the baby on the stern to stop the...
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    Bravo 3 Squeek!

    I doubt MrG has ever winterized his boat:)
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    Engine suggestions in a hurry

    retail on the pump is $1,295 plus installation.