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    Tubing and my rooster tail is a big problem :(

    I have 150 sps and yes, there is a monster rooster tail. I extended the standard rope by I think 15' and it helps a bit but not much. I think it's the nature of the beast. On other boats I used to trim for minimal rooster tail / best performance but you can't (at least I can't) with the...
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    115 Yamaha not pissing...

    I have a Yamaha 150 -- at home it would not work with a one-sided muff, I bought a two-sided muff and it works.
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    Struggles with Bimini cover

    Mine was very tight originally. On mine there are two "ears" (one on each side) near the back that snap onto the frame. If I unsnap them before putting the cover on it's much much much easier. I had posted a pic on here of the "ears" a long time ago in another thread.
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    I figured out how "normal people" drown

    Excellent reminder. My friend had a similar experience. His boat started floating away and he started to swim after it in his life vest. Thinking he could go faster he ditched the life vest and after a minute or so he realized how stupid that was. He got to his boat but was exhausted. Little...
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    I love to pull up to restaurants in the Benny.

    Now after seeing all these pictures I'm jealous... the grass is always greener....
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    I love to pull up to restaurants in the Benny.

    While I often wish I was on a lake with a restaurants etc... I also enjoy that there are no restaurants, no houses no nothing around or on Jordan Lake. State owned land. I now hope they never develop it. The only thing on the lake are a few camp grounds and recreation/beach areas.
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    Prop conundrum - 22SSRX Yamaha 150

    Same as my boat... by myself I get 38-40mph @ around 6k rpm (one bimini) -- see signature for prop info.
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    What happened to dock etiquette? Experience at Indian Lake

    Boy I could easily see that (PWC's cutting in the gas line) leading to water rage (road rage). I often tell my wife we are naive to all the crazy, bad people out in the world. Most people are great but there is that slice of humanity that skipped class the day they gave out brains.
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    What happened to dock etiquette? Experience at Indian Lake

    I agree 100% on ramp follies and the ones who prep their boats on the ramp really get me going... but in this case I have no problem. Maybe all the others have no boating experience and the only one who has, had to get their trailer. I've taken many people out who I wouldn't let drive my boat...
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    Tell me what I already know... ??

    Looks like you listened but just in case you're having doubts.... 150, 150, 150,150 , you'll be glad you did.
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    Usage of 303 Protectorant

    Don't have Simtex but use it once or twice a year... makes a difference. Spray a lot of it on my trailer tires every couple months to hopefully delay dry rot/cracking over time.
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    $178/yr Progressive, that along with the 1mil umbrella cost $338/yr
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    2016 24 SSRX access panels

    I have a 22ssrx -- these are the cutouts behind both the captain and co-captains chairs on the rear loungers. I have panels in mine. I think they make some options for that space. Maybe a glove box type option?? I keep a garbage can in the one behind the co-captain chair (where the gas fill...
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    Grill Mount Options

    Several grill threads.. I put what I did with my Weber in these.
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    Interesting product

    lol, reef sandals... the perfect way to get sand in your beer... Someone had a pair once and from what I can remember it didn't work very well because of the sand/dirt on the bottom. I had a pair once with the opener on top of the flip flop... but don't think I ever used it... cans/no glass...