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    Pics from our newest Benny’s first season...

    Beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing your family with us.
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    Bunk size. 2x4. Or 2x6

    Both of my trailers came with 2x6.
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    Planning To Order a New Bennington Before Thanksgiving - What Size Motor?

    Check the warranties on all. I personally like the 6 years on the Yamaha. But then my dealer specializes in Yamaha.
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    Max Speed W/ Bimini Top Raised?

    Wide open at 38 with mine.
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    Gas tank location

    I just found this post from 2012. Might give you an idea. bailey8331 Member Messages5Reaction score0 Just got my brand new 2250 rcl about a week ago. Nice boat until you run into your first wave. Under floor fuel tank meets each wave head-on. It is similar to the feel of hitting bad chuck...
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    Gas tank location

    My 2015 and 2018 is where I mentioned. Sorry I can’t help you.
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    Your 2019 College Football Thread

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    Gas tank location

    Probably in the transom pod under the rear deck. You can’t see it just in front of the motor? In that pic, it looks like I’m seeing the sending unit on top of the tank.
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    Spent the day on the boat, yesterday. The little wife and I celebrated our 19 anniversary. Went up the river, cooked some steaks and taters on the grill, and just enjoyed time together.
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    Polaris Inc buys Bennington

    Still waiting on a gas sending unit. Thinking about buying a high ranking unit from Amazon, and just keeping the one that comes in, for a spare.
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    Adding (welding) an second transducer bracket to the back of toon?

    I guess I was lucky with my first Benny. Hit a submerged log with it, and split the seam at the back cap. Welder did his thing without incident. I can surely see pressure building on a long weld. This was about 3” long.
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    Suggestions for preventing mold on Benny seats.

    Place a 5gal. bucket or two of charcoal under the cover. Absorbs moisture.
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    New-to-us Benny!

    Congrats, and welcome to the family.