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    USB AUX input

    Still warranty?
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    Fuel gauge shows full but won’t go below half.

    I’ve gone through about 4 sending units. All except the last we’re warranty. I bought a more expensive gauge, and it seems to be working fine.
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    Fishing Wires from one side to the other.

    You can also remove the deck cover cap from over the gas tank sending unit. That gives you a halfway point. I also used the fiberglass rodding from HF.
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    3M "perfect blue" wrap

    I like the darker.
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    Gas tank capacity

    Mine is about 23 gal.
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    Spare tire mount

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    Box anchor

    I have a 30# river anchor for obvious reason. We mostly boat on a reservoir fed by a muddy river. Just got this one after finding that a 25# couldn’t hold us in a 5 mph breeze.
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    Love my new boat!!!

    Congrats! Very nice.
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    Cruised pretty much the whole lake today then anchored at Goat Island.
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    Very cool, warrior. We really enjoy two of the three lakes. Haven’t been to lake Catherine.
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    Covering boat while transporting

    I never transport with cover on. If it rains on the way, things just get wet. They’ll dry. Not going to risk destroying my cover or allowing a destroyed cover to bang up mu playpen.
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    Venture winch stand broke!

    I’ve not heard of that, either. But this post is a great reminder for boaters to use a four point tie down system while transporting their boat. You never know when a key element will fail. Good this happened at the ramp and not traveling 65mph down the highway. Should be an easy fix. Get a...
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    Jeff, we had one washout day and one windy (10-20 mph). We just used those two days for getting my wife’s “shopping fix” taken care of. ;)
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    A few more.
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    We’re spending this week on Quachita River, Lake Hamilton, AR. Haven’t taken nearly as many pics as I usually do, but I’ll share a few. . I