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    Gas Smell - 2012 Bennington R2575 - New Boat owner

    I don't think it is normal. I have a 2011 2275 GCW with rear facing lounge seats. The one on the port side is over the gas tank and I don't smell anything. The backrest on my seat is held on with Velcro so removing it makes my gas tank somewhat accessible. You may want to see if you can get...
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    Switch Labels

    I replaced all my rocker switches at the end of last season. Very satisfied customer of New Wire Marine. Details here: replaced my rocker switch covers
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    Anyone have a Garmin 95 Fishfinder they're not using?

    Update: I found a used Fishfinder 90 on eBay and picked it up for $75 delivered. It is nearly identical to the OEM Fishfinder 95. Plugged it in, snapped it into the gimbal mount, fired it up and I'm a happy camper.
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    Bottom painting pontoons for lake use in the Carolina's

    I've been pontoon boating on Lake Murray in SC for 30 years and I don't recall anyone painting their toons that did not intend to take use the boat in saltwater at least some of the time. Mine are not painted. Boat sits in the water 9 months a year. I acid wash every Fall.
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    Anchor/Docking Accessories

    Full pool is 360' above sea level , but the lake is nowhere near that deep. You can find some spots 200' deep if you are directly over the "river" on the Lexington side near the dam. Anchor effectiveness is largely dependent on the makeup of the lake bottom. We have mud. You will be well...
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    Anyone have a Garmin 95 Fishfinder they're not using?

    Well, w5pfg does not have his anymore so I'm still looking.
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    Anyone have a Garmin 95 Fishfinder they're not using?

    Thank you for both posts. Great info. I just hate to spend $300 on this when all I really want is a depth sounder that I can finagle into the same gimbal mount. I will reach out to w5pfg and see if he still has his old Garmin 95.
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    Boat Value

    I disagree with everyone that says that is low. That price is so high for that boat, you should feel personally insulted to the point of never talking to that "friend" again. It's so high it's even got me mad. PM me his contact info right now and I'll get a hold of him and tell him how...
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    First Time Boat Owner

    Good suggestion 6kidsurf. Another thing I learned that really helps for night navigation is to learn the major islands. You can spot them even on a completely dark, no moon, night because they will be black interruptions to the lights you see on shore. As long as you know generally where you...
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    Anyone have a Garmin 95 Fishfinder they're not using?

    The OEM Garmin 95 Fishfinder on my 2011 2275 GCW gave up the ghost at the end of the season last year. It showed signs of moisture intrusion on the screen and then eventually wouldn't power up. I want to find a replacement that fits in the same gimball mount. But, as many here have figured...
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    First Time Boat Owner

    Yes, of course. I live in the White Rock area near Lighthouse Marina / Rusty Anchor. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with.
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    Maui Mat Hauling

    Was looking through some other pics and maybe hate is too strong a word. And your boat will be very popular at a tie up...
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    Maui Mat Hauling

    We have a different brand. I think it is a Giant Pain In The A$$ Mat. ;-) It's a big one. Even rolled up tight, it takes a lot of room. We either put it in the center aisle, open the front gate and let it jut out a bit off the bow. Or strap it down across the back porch. I hate it...
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    303 Cleaners - The Good, Bad, and Moldy

    303 Aerospace UV Protectant is universally loved. It has been a real winner for me on vinyl and plastic. I use it on my seats and plastic parts both on the boat and in my cars. Have been using it for years and am a very satisfied customer. I don't read nearly as many good comments about...
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    STOLEN 2019 SX25 - Florida panhandle - REWARD $1,000.00

    So sorry to see this. Hope your insurance company makes you whole without too much hassle. I don't recall hearing of many pontoon boat thefts. What in the world is the thief going to do with it? There can't be much of a market for stolen boats. It would be next to impossible to get it...