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    Towing inflatables with Sport Tower

    Pulling a tube exerts a surprising amount of torque moment on its mounting point. Good article on this exact subject. Pulling An Inflatable With A Tower
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    Hi Debbie. I'm 60 and I cover my boat easily while it sits in the water next to my dock. There is no risk of me falling in the water because I do most of it from inside the boat. The key is to roll it up the same way every time and then put it back on starting in the same place every time...
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    2015 18 SLX Trim issue

    I had the same issue on my former Benny. Turned out to be a broken wire in the throttle handle. I unscrewed the trim piece on the handle and found 3 wires. I deduced one was ground, one was up and the last was down. Gently tugged on the wires and the one controlling down motion had broken...
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    Cordless tool battery hack..... Worked for me.

    The battery was so dead the smart charger didn't sense it until some voltage was transferred to it from the good battery. Same exact thing happens with really dead car batteries. I've had to use this trick more than once recently since my son's Tacoma had a parasitic draw that was draining the...
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    Warranty on Playpen Cover

    Maybe not required, but I think they are still a good idea. My canvas lady who has been making covers for 25+ years always includes them. I've had her make new Sunbrella covers for my former and current Benny's and she included 4 each time. She would have to add a plastic cup to hold the...
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    2050 GL - Access to Battery

    You can definitely remove it while it is in the slip. On my 2001 Benny, the battery was on a tray inside the transom in front of the motor. Had to bend over the rail to attach / detach cables and remove it so it was not super convenient. My 2011 Benny has the battery under the rear lounger on...
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    Speakers 2008 2275GL

    I'm not an audiophile, but there are several on here that are and will undoubtedly chime in with great suggestions. One question is what is your budget? You can spend $100 for four speakers or north of $1000.
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    Newbie Purchasing a Used 23SSRXP

    We're down in the Ballentine / White Rock area. I'd offer to buy you a beer at the Rusty Anchor, but we're kind of hunkering down these days.
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    Newbie Purchasing a Used 23SSRXP

    Gamecock territory? You on Lake Murray? I am. Beautiful boat.
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    Binnacle throttle shifter.

    Not sure what the problem is, but I don't think it was damaged by moving it with the engine off. The shifter is just a lever attached to cables that route back to the outboard. Hope you get it figured out soon.
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    Fueling an slx 21

    Lots of people have trouble getting fuel into Benny's. Search this site and read some of the solutions. My fuel cap is on the port side of my 2011 2275 GCW and the fuel tank is under the port rear lounger. I can pull the backrest open (it's velcro'd in place) and actually see the translucent...
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    How to fix siding that separated from rail

    Have never done it myself, but have seen pics of others struggling to replace the siding when renovating older boats. Siding is usually held in place with a flange that is no doubt bent by machine over the siding during the manufacturing process. You'll need to figure out a way to open that...
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    Lake of the Ozarks.....

    We ventured out two weeks ago and tied up with our lake friends for the first time this season. Then again last weekend. We generally tie up with 3 to 10 other boats and our core crowd is made up of about 6 or 8 other couples. I was prudent and stayed on my boat while still socializing. My...
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    Converting RPM's to MPH

    I downloaded an app simply called "Speedometer" from the app store. All it has is the speed in big white numerals on a black background. Dead simple. The only adjustment is choice of mph or km/h or knots. Nothing else for me to screw up when the sunlight is so bright you can't see what...
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    Fish Finder installation

    It can be a little intimidating lying on your back under the helm looking up at all that wiring. Don't remember where I got this, but this drawing really makes it easy to understand typical boat wiring.