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    New to tritoon and must set up boat lift

    16 ft reinforced composite bunks supporting deck, as recommended by Bennington - see attached photos. Hope this helps...
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    Power assist steering system

    I added the power assist steering to my build after reading threads on this forum - steering is effortless on my 21 slx 150...really happy I did.
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    20' SLX tritoon lift

    My lift has a 114 inch beam - with the centering guides, only a couple inches are left on each side. My dock extends 25 ft beyond the lift, so I can dock and unload prior to floating boat into lift. Works well for me...and I like the snug fit.
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    New Owner - Double Bimini Tips?

    I am an owner of a 2018 21slx tritoon with a double Bimini. Attempted to put both bimini’s up yesterday - as I was zippering both together, I noticed the seam was separating on the front Bimini. I contacted the dealer and a replacement is in the works. It seems like this is something that can...
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    Adapting Sunstream Boat Lift

    Yes, I did go ahead with an under deck support, based on Bennington’s recommendations. I’ll take some pics tomorrow...have yet to do that even though we’ve been out twice!
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    Adapting Sunstream Boat Lift

    I just took delivery of a 2018 21 slx tritoon w/150 HP Yamaha. I too debated and agonized over lift design, until I got this document, attached, from Bennington. It states an under deck left is appropriate with the rear 2/3 supported. The Bennington warranty administrator confirmed in writing...