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    Ceramic coating

    I had my 28' boat as well as the trailer done by Ceramic Pro, 3 years. Crazy expensive but when you're 100% in salt water, the required regular detailing adds up very quickly. They did the hull, deck, engines, glass, hardware, upholstery, everything on the boat. It is by no means a substitute...
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    Vehicle to tow

    Toyota Tundra V8 towing our Axopar 28 last week, a little less than twice your weight. We mostly tow in the flatlands of Florida, but it is exceptionally stable with the Myco trailer. AZHeat's post pretty much sums up my decision to get this instead of a new diesel. I just couldn't live with...
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    Bittersweet weekend......

    Congrats to both of you on your sale and the new boat! We sold our '13 R 3 years ago when we moved to Florida and finally bought our Axopar 28 this year. If not for the move, we'd still have her, fantastic boats and service. You have a lot of great memories with Big Kahuna and certainly got...
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    Heads up, Michigan boaters.... new order affects motorized boats

    Other states toyed with this level of specificity and most backed off. Obviously recreational boating is huge in Michigan during the summer season, so this will be interesting. I feel for the water LEO's there, very difficult situation. Florida started out vague on it after initially having a...
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    First time out this year.

    Not much fun, but nice you have such a great dealer to work it out.
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    Help needed and info regarding Member Willb

    So sorry for your loss and prayers for your family. Will and I chatted several times awhile back, such a nice guy, always very helpful to us. God's peace to you Shauna.
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    So this happend to our cottage Monday evening, 2/24:

    Wow, those cameras sure led to a good result for a horrible situation both for your home and the rider. My first thought was, "drunk driver", does their insurance even cover him for liability? Sounds like they're working with you, so I guess the answer is yes. Whew, what a scary drama...
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    New Bow Rider
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    2020 Boat Show Season

    That looks killer. I was a little disappointed when I picked up the Boating Magazine Buyers Guide today. They had a quick review of the new 24 R Bowrider Swingback with the new hull. It was $141k with a single F300 Yamaha and only did 41mph. I'm sure the creature comforts, fit and finish are...
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    2020 Boat Show Season

    Wow, I don't check this forum for a few days and Jack is at it again, surpassing Derrick's enviable record, say what? Congrats on a new Q, very nice! Did you go for that red/white 2-tone interior posted earlier? Is it the new Merc 200 3.4l V6? We have twin Merc 200's on our Axopar 28C and...
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    WOW! I sure love this red and white interior

    It's a new option for the R series, with the entire front section lower for better visibility from the helm. It's called the "Bowrider".
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    A seed has been planted

    Sad to say, but a good friend of mine from Lake Mary and I have been shopping for him on new ~23' CC boats of decent quality with a 200-250 on the back, plus aluminum trailer. Other than those of questionable quality nearly all were $75-95k and even more just for mid-tier. These were more...
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    WOW! I sure love this red and white interior

    Calling Derrick...
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    Lake and Marina “Neighbor” Rants:

    Wow, bad deal all the way around. Reminds me of all those insurance threads with posts about ensuring you have proper spill coverage. Obviously these guys don't. It happens around here too. There are many older boats which are owned outright where the insurance is so expensive they just don't...
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    New for 2020... Integrated V-Hull™Performance Package

    This looks like the action is more mid section and to the bow. Even the mounting of the outside toons to the deck looks unique, perhaps for better flow?