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    The loss of my best friend

    So sorry for your loss Dave... It’s amazing how they wiggle into our lives and become part of the family’s DNA... Here’s my little guy, Cowboy...
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    Show us your dogs

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    New Bennington-dealer discounts

    Financing companies (banks and credit unions) pay the dealership... Either in rate or a flat fee... Rate can be as high as a point or two which can add up real quick on the backend for them... Dealers that give a cash discount would give the same discount on financing... Not necessarily...
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    Handy hints, gadgets, products, gizmos & ideas...

    Flat Bungees for securing the Cooler on the aft deck... Much better having it out of the way than tripping over it in the interior...
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    Hello from the PNW, finally got our 21SL last week!

    Congrats BM... We’re on both rivers throughout the season... Love downtown at night on a warm summer evening...
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    First Time on Lake Erie

    The first time out on a large body is for sure a little intimidating... Our second Benny was a G23 w/SPS & Yam 200... I took it through the Ballard Locks in Seattle out into the Puget Sound... I almost talked myself out of it, and am really glad I didn't...
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    What is the meaning behind your username?

    I’m a Watch collector and am a fan of two-tone pieces...
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    25q weight

    25Q, Rado 350, Curved Bimini, Fuel, Trailer, and all the standard stuff, - 6400lbs
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    Simple Cooler Tie Down Solution...

    Wife’s happy now that she doesn’t have to carry in and out... Happy wife, happy life
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    Another SimTex question...

    Picked up two thick drops of what appears to be Tree Sap on my swing back... Looks like it probably sat for a couple of weeks... Warm water with Dawn didn't do the trick... Does anyone have experience with Sap? TIA Mike
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    Honing my Drone skills

    Yes :)
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    Honing my Drone skills

    I’m not an engineer so I don’t understand all the math that Bennington has put into the design... The handling in cornering is twofold to me... One is the ESP and the other is the steering differences... My last Benny had the hydraulic Yamaha steering... This one has the Merc digital...
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    Honing my Drone skills

    Night & Day difference in cornering at high speeds and more stable in rough water... I’m ruined now
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    Honing my Drone skills

    I figured out how to post to YouTube, so here’s an easier way to view it