dual battery

  1. Wiring Diagram of Blue Seas mini-add-a-battery install

    Wiring Diagram of Blue Seas mini-add-a-battery install

    Poor quality scan of my original diagram but this should give you a basic idea of how I connected everything. I tried to note on the diagram the wire gauges I used and the size lugs that needed to be on each individual cable. Used 4 AWG everywhere except from the ACR to the both batteries -...
  2. brentah

    Yamaha 150 Auxiliary charging lead

    I have been doing extensive research in preparation to install a 2nd battery(house battery) and I see most people buy the add-a-battery kit from Blue Seas or use a combination of just a combiner or just a switch. I just found some information that Yamaha 150's and above after 2003 have an...
  3. brentah

    Pictures of Dual Battery in Privacy Chaise

    Anyone have pictures of their dual battery setup that they installed in their privacy chaise?  My current battery on my 22SSX is in the privacy chaise and I believe I am going to add the second one there with the add-a-battery kit. I just want to get an idea of what it looks like for someone...