1. Vikingstaff

    Shore Master v. Craftlander/NuCraft Lift Poll

    See the poll and vote.  Curious to get opinions between the above two brands of lifts and canopies.  This will be our first lift/canopy combination, and we want something that is high quality, easy to use, and will last.  I have two other posts, one for Shore Master, and a different one for...
  2. Vikingstaff

    Shoremaster Lifts

    Shore Master is one of the two main lift and canopy options we think we have narrowed it down to.  This is largely based on local dealers/service personal options and their recommendations.  The Shore Master is 2k more than the NuCraft, and after Jan. 31 sale is up, it jumps to 3.1k more.  Thus...
  3. Southwind

    On board lift system

    Does anyone use the Sea Leg system for their pontoons? This system attaches to the bottom of tour pontoon. I just bought a 20' SLXM with a70 hp Yamaha. Let me know...