1. guardrail22

    older boat replacement switches

    the nav light switch on my 2002 207L appears to have bit the dust. I'm replacing all the JOEMEX circuit breakers and still cannot get the red and green lights to work. anyone found a source for the horizontal style switches? Bennington says they don't have them any more.
  2. T

    Bennington only switches?

    Are these switches Bennington only?  I can't find exact replacements anywhere.  I need the one on the left that has two positions, two lights, and has "ACC" in the lower position.  I may just have to buy a set of plain ones if I can't find these.
  3. Switches


    Switches on my Bennington
  4. M

    Modifying Switches

    Just got our 2250 GPD a few weeks ago and absolutely love it!  Traded in an older Benny for this one and its just perfect for us!  One thing I'd like to do now that I've been on the water for the past two weekends, is rewire the switches a bit.  My current configuration has the following: One...
  5. Kells

    Purchase of ACC Rocker Switches

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can get the factory rocker switches on the helm panel?  preferably with text customization? http://img.benningtonmarine.com/images/inventoryImages/inv51db1bcf7b163/640px/2550-QBR-Illum-Switches-8003.jpg