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Informational video: Quick clip use and removing, stowing and opening cover easily.

Discussion in 'Pontoon Forum' started by SEMPERFI8387, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Dandsconnelly

    Dandsconnelly Well-Known Member

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    This video was great for us newbies! Made the process so much quicker, easier, and more organized!

    Thank you!
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  2. Lil Spooky OH6A

    Lil Spooky OH6A Member

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    Great video. I do it in reverse and roll, unroll down the center aisle. 21slx. Works great for me. Being a lazy person and using my new boat almost daily, do I really need to use the poles in a covered slip other than when I don't use the boat for say a week at a time?
    A guy on my dock asked me yesterday if that was my Benny with the 250. I said no and he said good thing because out of the water someone would steal the lower unit and prop. I just nodded my head and kept moving. IMO, if a thief wants it and it is down, the thief will just reach under the mooring cover and tilt it up. There are 60 boats on my particular dock and other than the ones out of the water on hydraulic lifts, it is about 50-50 in the water and tilted up for outboards. Mine is a 90. Must be a market for stolen boat parts. Other than all that, I'm loving this machine. Takes about 500 hours to get comfortable in any semi complex aircraft, and most likely 20 hours in this boat. Man, am I having fun at a very young 71 years old. Enjoy your Benny's. On my lake they are everywhere.
  3. SEMPERFI8387

    SEMPERFI8387 Moderator

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    York, Pa
    What no pics??? Don’t you know it’s mandatory to show us your boat? :D
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