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    anybody make a locking gas cap for pontoon boats?

    anybody know of one?
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    anybody make a locking gas cap for pontoon boats?

    I am not worried about gas theft as I am more concerned about some one putting something in my gas tank when sitting at my dock during the times I am not at the lake.
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    anybody make a locking gas cap for pontoon boats?

    Looking for pontoon locking gas cap?
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    Bimini canvas top

    try they make oem covers for bennington or great lakes skipper they have them also, regardless who you buy from sunbrealla material is the best.
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    Damaged trailer ideas

    just cut the min. amount off the tongue you can re drill trailer hitch and re bolt with correct size quality bolts and re attach safety cables and you should be good to go. this short amount of tongue loss will not change balance that much. Mabey the marina will do it for free it you supply the...
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    Spitfire Prop

    On my 2250GL i have two alu .props a solas 13.5 X 15 yields 28.3 mph @ 5600 rpms my second prop is a merc 13.5 X 13 yields 29.4 mph @ 6000 rpms both are 3 blades . I think the extra cost for a Stainless prop is not worth the money on these 115 hp motors, I use the 15p most of the time, I...
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    My turn: Leaking Pontoon

    Sounds like the dealer is providing you with first class service, Hard to find that kind of customer service anymore.
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    cover for 2011 bennington 22

    Oem Bennington covers are made by try them if you want the original cover replacement.
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    Trailer Tire issues

    most of these trailer tires come from China now, I have had good results with Carlisle Radial trailer tires 6 and 8 ply.
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    what is the best waterproofing for my cover?

    303 fabric protectant or Star Bright waterproofing or another option, I used 303 last year and it did not seem to last even 1 year, Thanks for the reply
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    under skin will stop the wave surge, I DIY my boat well worth the cost and effort. I spent $200.00 in materials used .062 alum
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    Losing my plane at 3/4 throttle

    with your trim all the way down you take off as soon as the boat comes on plain the rear of the boat rises up forcing the bow down to counter act this rear rising and bow starting to go down you need to start trimming the motor up to the point where the trimmed out motor starts to lift the bow...
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    looking for opinion on oil

    I would not use syn. till i had at least 50 hours or more on it.
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    Yamaha 150 won’t start on 2018 SX22

    be sure shifter is all the way in neutral (shift it in and out of gear to be sure) and safety lanyard is hooked up