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    Prop Suggestion - 22svsr Yamaha 200

    Your dealer most likely will and should know what is needed. Prop gods are good, but your dealer is right there. Enjoy that new boat!
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    Yamaha 150 vs 200 SHO

    Just remember… don’t have to go full throttle every time when using to boat. ⚓️⚓️
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    What model do you Own and What is your age?

    2012 GCW Merlot Red with 115 HO Etec. Age - 64 but acts/looks 34
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    Yamaha 250SHO dying after long idles

    If it’s the original gas bulb, it doesn’t hurt to replace it. I’ve seen them fail too many times without any indicators. I replaced all my gas lines after 6 years. Same with my battery cables as they get soaked every outing in salt water. Call it Preventive Maintenance which is always smart to...
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    Just an FYI… We replace our garmin with the Go5 Simrad. Worth every penny. Somewhat of a pain to get just right for the transducer, but works well. Had for 2 years now.
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    New Yamaha F115 LB Not Peeing With Muffs Attached...

    In our marina we’ve had a few people with this problem. Our fix was prime first thru the upper flush hose connect and then immediately put on the muffs with full water pressure. It’s worked every time. If you don’t see water within 10 to 15 seconds, STOP the engine or risk water pump replacement.
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    Proper Idle Speed/Tach issue
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    Trim Motor Gage

    Tilt your engine completely up and look for a stuck plastic lever in the upper left corner that is spring loaded. Spray with silicone spray to displace water , salt, debris. Work it with your finger or screwdriver to loosen it up. Please use caution in that tight space. Good Luck ⚓️⚓️
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    Insurance? Pro/con? use/avoid?

    Don’t forget the insurance for the boat lift. Boat insurance Does Not Cover the lift or dock. Any doubts?, check with your carrier and get it in writing.
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    Outboard Winterization & Fuel/Water Separator

    I strongly suggest you Follow manufacturer recommendations. If there is freeze able water in the separation filter, you would have had engine troubles already. Just be sure to use a good gas stabilization like Gas stabil . I’ve used it since 1971 and never had a problem with my fuel in the...
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    2275RL / Yamaha 115 trim issues cavitating : /

    Please let us know how this gets resolved. I’m m still betting a prop change (mercury diamond) will be the answer. A hydra foil is a strong option as well. ⚓️⚓️
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    Bow gate seat wanted

    Still available to local pickup only. Shipping is too costly.
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    Bow gate seat wanted

    I will send photos tomorrow. Mine are beige in color and I believe the size/measurements are identical. My vessel is a 2012 model. 2275 GCW
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    Bow gate seat wanted

    Color is called Mocha. It’s a beige. I’m in Delaware.