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    Lake Oconee, Georgia

    Crowe Marine is the Bennington Dealer in this area, but you should be able to obtain a Honda prop at any number of local marinas. My boat is stored at Fishtales Marina and given the hazards on Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair they order props by the case! Manager is Charlie Vaughn 706-717-8158
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    Lake Oconee, Georgia

    Oconee, ( like all lakes in Georgia) was manmade by flooding 19,000 acres of land. Hence you have submerged wooded areas, sandbars, old roads and buildings that create hazards along with partially submerged logs floating down the main channel. Best advice is stay clear of shoreline particularly...
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    Lake Oconee, Georgia

    Try Stan Carson 706-433-3546, he did a good job on all the cornice work (outside trim) when I was building my house in The Landing. Probably easier to find a heart surgeon than a Builder these days! Lake O Builder's Assoc has an office in the plaza on HWY 44 (next to Café 44) and they have a...
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    Fence Colors

    UPDATE: INDIGO BLUE & REGATTA BLUE:: Factory confirmed fence color Indigo Blue is same as Regatta Blue. (Just harder to pronounce and spell!)
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    Fence Colors

    It is indigo blue and Bennington factory produced. Thanks for checking sorry about the spelling error!
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    Fence Colors

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    Fence Colors

    Ordered Regatta Blue fence color for 2012 for 24SLi. After waiting 6 weeks of "in production" status, factory substituted "Indio Blue" Where can I go to compare before paying for something that turns out to be different? Thanks
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    Removing Power Steering Oil From Carpet

    UPDATE: Located professional carpet cleaner (also pontoon owner) willing to attempt removing considerable amount of oil. He used what he called "special sauce" and hot water (180 F) to extract oil using a high powered spray/suction wand. After 45 minutes carpet looked like new...treated with...
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    Securing fender line on center hole fenders

    To prevent 1/4 and 3/8 inch fender line knots from pulling through center hole fenders, use a I/2 inch pvc plumbing threaded end cap. Drill either a 1/4 or 3/8 inch hole which then acts as a bushing and reduces hole size so a simple knot can prevent pull through. Art
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    Anchor light

    Look on internet for plastic end caps used on plastic or metal tubing. Also used as feet on lawn chairs, metal tables, etc. Select one with slightly small inner diameter for tight fit. Soak in hot water if too tight. Art
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    Warning Labels S Series Ski Tow Bar

    Looking to replace 2 warning labels on S Series Ski Tow bar (Tow bar part number 904290) One label says 500 pound limit, remainder unreadable. Second label shows attachment diagram and is also unreadable. Any help will be appreciated. Boat is no longer under warranty. thanks, Art
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    Towing tube behind 2012 Model 24SLi

    Do I use ski pylon or bridle attached to eye rings on stern to pull tube with 1 adult and 2 kids? If bridle, any recommendations on make & model? thanks, Art
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    Bent Curved Ladder

    Bearcat was manufacturer of ladder on my Bennington and were very helpful on replacement parts. Contact 574-533-0448 or email Art
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    Removing Power Steering Oil From Carpet

    Has anyone had success removing power steering fluid (oil) from, carpet using product called "Oil Eators" or something similar?
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    Removing water spots from fence panels

    Would appreciate suggestions on removing hard water spots from fence panels on 2012 SLi 24. Tests so far indicate very easy to remove factory paint as no clear coat. Thanks, Art