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    SimTex Fabric Issue

    My Simtex seats get covered with suntan lotion all the time, despite my efforts to sit/lay on towels. When it dries, it looks like light, white cloudiness. 303 Muti Surface Cleaner and a microfiber towel takes it right off. It also cleans squished spider guts, food stains, etc. I’ve never had a...
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    Comment by 'AuthorizedUser' in media 'Build Sheet.JPG'

    $540 for cable Bimini straps. That is absolutely asinine. They are just straps!
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    Skinning Strategy

    There is literally no way you could seal up the bottom of your boat that will not allow for water to drain.
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    Yamaha F90LB tilt question

    The spring is broken. Should be an easy fix.
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    Trim gauge not working

    The trim gauge on mine is far from perfect. It moves when I trim, but there is no real ‘scale’ to its movements.
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    New Pontoon- need bumpers

    They aren’t. They sway to and fro unless you get the kind that are secured to your boat by being tucked in between your log and the bottom of your deck.
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    New Pontoon- need bumpers

    Fender are mounted on your boat. Bumpers are mounted on your dock. :cool:
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    Easy way to store fenders?

    My six G4s go under the helm while underway..
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    Depth Guage Reading at Speed

    My Garmin cuts out over 4,200 rpm (ya know, I never checked what speed that is). It’s mounted as low as possible on my port log. It is what it is.
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    Battery Placement

    I noticed that on a similar boat in the dealership and told my dealer to NOT have Bennington install it on my build.... just leave it unmounted. My dealer then mounted the battery box further back in the storage compartment where I indicated On delivery. Plenty of room now!
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    How high on lift?

    Windy and 3’ whitecaps? No thank you! and I though MY lake was choppy!
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    Domed numbers caution.

    My dealer/marina installed my number before I took possession.
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    Yeti Sidekick Dry bags

    It is SO TIGHT using the clips! Nothing would make it slide down. Trust me. The clips already are super tight just on the rail, wedging the strap in makes it that much tighter.
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    Mooring or playpen cover needed

    Are there buttons already in place on your boat? Or a channel for clips like the new playpen covers? Both? Neither?
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    On Board Tool Box

    I’m just sorry you’re a five-hour trip before you can boat! That’s awful! But Havasu is beautiful. I’m five minutes away from my marina (slipped boat) and I still complain that we haven’t gotten our lake house yet.