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    Hydro Hoist Boat Lift

    I have a similar boat to yours and I don't agree with the dealer. Maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't a 250hp only weigh only 80 or 90 pounds more than the 200hp? These boats have the engines set back pretty far on top of the fact that the center toon extends an extra foot or so compared to the outer...
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    How much did you use it?

    I'm always about a hundred a year.
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    Curved Bimini Question

    I'm not sure this will help because I don't have a swing back, but I do have the curved bimini. On the short supports it sits up a foot or so. If I lay it all the way down is sits on the front edge of back, of our stern radius seats.
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    R Series Performance...and... Swingback comfort when sitting facing forward.

    It's not a must have, but we like ours. We have twin captain's chairs and my wife always has her feet up on it. We don't use it for a cooler, we keep all our boat papers, registration and manuals in it. I will admit it is in the way when we get fuel and need to use the side gate.
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    R Series Performance...and... Swingback comfort when sitting facing forward.

    Not sure what hull you have, but we have the ESP hull with the 200hp V6 and our top speed is 40-41mph.
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    White Bennington

    Not 100% white, but you could Photoshop it.
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    Now the bad news…

    When you have a tandem trailer and turn it sharp, one of tires on each side has to skid sideways a little to make the turn. (This is why it's next to impossible to turn a tandem trailer when you push it by hand.) Depending on the load on each tire it may skid the front or the back tire while...
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    Bilge pump question

    Yes I have the 52 gal center fuel tank, I totally forgot about the pump being for that area. Thanks for the info.
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    Bilge pump question

    I need to confess ignorance here. I always thought the bilge pump was only for the center toon floor storage in case you got water in the storage space. When our boat was delivered I was surprised to see it have a bilge switch on the dash. I flipped it on and sure enough I hear it running. I...
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    PWC lift or floating dock

    My son is big into stand up skis, I'm too old and fat to ever ride one. :)
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    PWC lift or floating dock

    We have 2 platform lifts made by by Polylift on LOTO. I'm not sure where your located or if they even sell all over the country. Not cheap, but they are great, very easy to use, walk around the skis and made for rough water.
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    New Bennington 25 LSB Build

    That's where we bought our boat. We live in OP and have a place at LOTO. Been to Clinton dozens of times over the years.
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    New Bennington 25 LSB Build

    Very nice build. I'm curious what dealer and where are you going to use it?
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    Blackout Package - how well does it hold up?

    I just use a damp rag on mine, cleans right up. Do you have a specific type of stain on it your trying to get off?
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    Mercury power steering - SOLVED

    I agree with Vikingstaff. Sorry for your issues. The only issue I've had on my Mercury is the recall on the top crank seal leaking. When the steering goes out can you still drive it, just very hard to turn?