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  • Would you take a few pics of your motor setup on your boat? You stated that you are getting 40 MPH with yours set up like it is. Mine is in the second hole from the top, but I'm getting 37 on a good day. It's at a normal top speed of about 36. Trying to squeeze all that I can out of it. BTW, mine has the express tube, too.
    Hi Bamaman,

    You and I have the same boats - 24 SSL w/F150, and same Reliance prop.  When I switched from the dual ellipticals to the tritoon SPS, they had to change my drive shaft from 20" to 25" to support the center pontoon.  Do you have a tritoon?  Reason I'm asking is because my max RPM at WOT is only 5200.  I'm looking to move the motor up to the 3rd hole (it's currently in the 2nd) and am trying to see what hole yours is in.

    Appreciate any info.

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