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    Power Pole install

    About five feet in front of the rear of the pontoon the M brace (on top of the pontoon) is segmented. I placed the interior backer plate there and used a string to pull it to the rear into position. I also had a string tied to the bracket as it went in just in case the one is was pulling broke...
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    Shuttle slide trolling motor mount

    That is my boat in the picture the product works well. I have not had any issues. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Looking for pictures of best place to mount 2nd batt plus Blue Sea batt relay

    Richard, I am looking to do something similar for the trolling motor I just installed. What is the white plastic 90 degree piece you have holding your batteries in place? Do you have a battery strap on each battery as well? Thanks.
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    Power Pole install

    Yes that bracket is approved and manufactured by Power Pole who makes the shallow water anchor attached to the bracket. It is bolted to the top M bracket on top of the pontoon with eight bolts and is very solid.
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    Power Pole install

    The power pole is an hydraulic actuated fiberglass pole that rotates down and anchors into the substrate to stop boat movement.
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    Power Pole install

    The poles come in 8 and 10 foot lengths. I have only used mine in five foot or less so far. Do you use the sea Legs in saltwater? I looked into them but the rep couldn’t advise how to manually retract them if I had a problem while at the sandbar or how they held up in saltwater.
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    Cleaning toons!!

    Hey Bob if you put the sharkhide over the polished toons does it retain the mirror finish?
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    Power Pole install

    I have heard the same as Lakeliving mentioned, the Power Pole holds up better in the saltwater environment. The company is also local to the Tampa Bay area. Why get a power pole? I use our boat in the Gulf of Mexico and like to stop at sandbars off the shoreline (near Fort De Soto and Egmont...
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    Power Pole install

    When the 10’ is collapsed it is about the same height as my rear bimini top collapsed so I figure the two foot may come in handy some day.
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    Power Pole install

    Brand: Power Pole Model: Blade 10’ Color: Platinum (their special anniversary edition) Bracket: Power Pole PK-P-17519-BK and you will need the 11 degree wedge for clearance AW-11deg-BK.
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    New owner here. 2014 2550 RCL with a whopping 24 hours on it!!

    I found having two sets of guide poles helps with loading onto the trailer. With one set at the rear the pontoon wants to pivot but with another set midship it stopped that and is straight every time.
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    Power Pole

    i just did look up post. “Power pole install”
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    Power Pole install

    Recently added a 10’ Blade power pole on our 2375 GCW. Utilized the new style mount as we did not want anything attached to the top side of the deck (the kids enjoy jumping off the deck). I did not have to cut the M brace to install the back plate, only drilled four holes on each side for the...
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    Any Bennington's in the Tampa are?

    Hi Stacey, we like using the Maximo boat ramp (if you are trailering) and stopping at Egmont or the sand bar just off the north end of Fort Desoto. If you want to see dolphins ride the channel between Tierra Verde and 275 and over towards Fort Desoto. We see a handful of dolphins there almost...
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    Poll Question for owners with snap on mooring covers

    Use snap and zipper lubricant. Makes take the snaps off much easier