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    fuel fill problems

    If you have the side fill you do not have direct fill. Direct fill is in the back middle of the boat. That is what I ordered because the side fill is a pain in the butt. I love the direct fill. I hope they can fix the side fill but I have a feeling it has to do with EPA standards.
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    About to order my first Bennington!

    Congratulations! Beautiful Bennington!!
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    Should this be a warranty item

    Should be under warranty but a new door is about $250 from Bennington if it is not, so it’s not a high dollar item. Best of luck.
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    Ski pylon

    Get a turbo swing. Way better product and it’s rated to pull tubes.
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    Bennington prices?

    20% is a great deal in the current climate. Take it and run, if it’s the boat you will be happy with!
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    New 24 LXSB Arrived

    I must say it’s the best color combo for a Bennington, love it ;)! Congratulations again on the new Bennington! I’m jealous that mine is in storage for a few more weeks.
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    Bennington Production Delays

    Foam manufacturing was shut down and they are prioritizing the auto industry and Bennington will need to wait. This is really happening :(. On top of everything else. This issue will cause additional delays.
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    Boat order decisions...This or That!!

    Stretch your budget now, will be cheaper then trading in two years. Minimum 150 with SPS. You will not regret it if you can possibly swing it.
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    Happy Build Day... what to expect?

    I would ask dealer if motor is on schedule, depending on what motor you bought that seems to be the biggest delay.
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    Happy Build Day... what to expect?

    Lakelife is correct if your dealer has a full load, (4 Benningtons) the semi will leave as soon as last Bennington on the load is built. They like to get them off to the dealer as soon as possible.
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    What is the difference between SPS and SPS+ on 24’ + ?

    I’m wondering what the difference is between SPS and SPS+ on 24+ foot boats, according to this they both have all .100 pontoons. I thought the SPS was .080 but apparently that’s on under 24’. Does anyone know the real difference structurally? See attached picture. Thanks!!
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    Center pontoon storage

    I personally would want the vents to help with air circulation, obviously I would want the solid cover if I left it uncovered in the rain. I wonder what Bennington’s reasoning is for the type of cover? Please share if someone knows outside of speculation.
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    LX23 or LX24?

    What brand did you go with out of curiosity?
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    LX23 or LX24?

    Simrad is a nice touch, 150 is minimum HP on a SPS in my opinion, you will be happy with a 150 not a 115, good call there. I did get Simrad and I am very happy I did. The Kickers are very nice speakers. You can always add an amp down the road if you need to. Sounds like a sweet Bennington you...
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    LX23 or LX24?

    I found the LX24 to be a sweet spot. IMO.