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    Party cover replacement.

    I ordered the same material from the manufacturer of cover and brought it to a canvas shop they added it to the original
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    10-Year Bow-To-Stern Warranty!

    I have a 2375 rcw 2016 there are small rips along some of the stitching on the seats is this covered under warranty?
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    Has anyone had the vinyl ripping along the stitching?
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    Pillow top

    My pillow top cushion came unglued what do I use to glue it back?
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    Has anyone had the backs of there seat cushion come unglued? If so what kind of adhesive should I use.
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    Tow bar

    Thanks Steve I will check it out does seem to be pricey .
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    Tow bar

    Has anyone installed a Bennington ski tow bar by themselves?
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    Boat trailer latch

    Thanks azray007 let me know how you like it
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    Boat trailer latch

    Has anyone come up with a latch for a pontoon boat to connect to trailer automatically? I know they make them but have not seen one for pontoon boats.
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    console problems

    They are small maybe 1/4 bolts with flat heads that are epoxied to the wood grain panels that all the rocker switches are on it came loose and then I found some under helm
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    Where do you go boating mostly?

    Lake Winnipesaukee NH
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    console problems

    Has anyone had small bolts that are glued to accent panels on console fall off? I have a 2016 2375 RCW