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  • Craigbk, 

    My wife and I are transferring  for work down to Balentine SC and will be very close to Lake Wylie. Do you know how the boating over there is? Lake Norm is to far to travel with my boat every week end. So we are looking for houses by Fort mill area and Ballentine ( wife new job location. me trying to transfer to another GE locatin).

    People up in NY that say they have moved away from there are claiming the lake is dirty and a lot of snakes and water mockensans. And I should sell my benny I just purchased last September. Hate to do that. Any input you can give me would be of great help. Like to trailer it as well. But may have to rent a slip. Thoughts?

    best regards,


    I live in the Marvin, NC area which is 5 minutes from where you'd be. While Lake Wylie isn't pristine, there are plenty of people who boat/swim it.

    If you enjoy boating, and your Benny, I recommend you check it out first. While you're in town house shopping do the drive up I77 to Lake Norman as well (on a weekend). We store our boat up there and make the 40min drive when we want to play on the water.

    if you then think that the lake system is not in your future, sell the boat down here. The market for gently used pontoons is unbelievably strong right now in the area.

    Oh, welcome to the Carolinas!
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