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    Overton Coupon

    Just got an Overton Coupon for 35% off. Code: Flash35 Hope it saves you some money.
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    Would you be happy with this work?

    Understood. No dealer bashing here!
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    Would you be happy with this work?

    They have not responded yet.
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    Would you be happy with this work?

    Had some work done on my 2014 20 SLX. 1.) Wiring for Bimini pulled out. Needed new Bennington Connector - See pic 2.) Switch fell off dash. Needed new Bennington switch - See pic 3.) Door Hinge Adjustment - See Pic 4.) Put away Bimini full of pine needles which I am sure the decomposition...
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    Where are you guys getting your batteries

    It's time to buy 2 new batteries. Where do you all shop?
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    When did you replace your impeller?

    I keep my boat in the water all season on a lake. I have 174 hours on it. Motor is a 115 Yamaha built in 2014. Should I do the impeller now even with the low hours when I winterize it?
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    Depth you keep your boat in.

    Thanks Everyone! We'll see!
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    Depth you keep your boat in.

    I have about 18" off the front of my dock when the water is low (like this year)... What is the largest triple toon you would recommend off the front of the dock?