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    Hurricane Prep

    I left the mooring cover in place during the hurricane, but in Tampa, we were not hit with the worst of the weather. It was more to the south of us and I did not have a problem. Probably more luck that anything else. It seemed like an educated gamble.
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    Hurricane Prep

    Thanks for the information above. I know that the mooring cover should not be used when trailering the boat. What about during a hurricane? Probably the same applies?
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    docking aids

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    Cheap & Quick Fender Hanging Solution

    I couldn't get your link to work. (This link works)
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    Dry storage/Boatel

    Living in Florida, on a freshwater river, mine stays in the water year round, behind our house. The only problem is the algae that needs to be occasionally wiped off. We boat year round and only pull her out for service. It's like a large extra room in the house, that floats.
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    Have You Looked at Non Ethanol Price Today ?

    This happened to me last month, driving back from Lake Norman. I wish I had been pulling my boat I think I hit the gas lottery.. We stopped for gas on the way back from NC and the credit card reader at the pump was not working. I had to pre-pay a deposit of 50.00 in the store. Reg was...
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    Adding drain holes in seat compartments ?

    The solution seems simple enough, just be careful to not drill or increase the size of any hole before checking several times to see what is on the other side. The way my boat sits in the water, several of the stock holes are in the wrong place. A few more need to be enlarged. Not a difficult...
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    Front top

    I could not get a Bennington front bimini for my 2019 18' but my local Tampa dealer found another source and we like it.
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    Adding drain holes in seat compartments ?

    The seat compartments in my 18' have several small drain holes that intermittently work depending on how the boat sits on the water. I've though about enlarging them and adding a few more around the permitted of each compartment. As long as they don't angle down and are almost parallel to the...
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    Why it’s worth it!

    For us, the boat is just an extension of the house and made the river behind us another beautiful back to nature living room.
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    Fresh water wash down.

    I only run in freshwater now with the pontoon boat. We are landlocked on a river, but my last saltwater boat had a live bait-well that we were not using. I converted it to a freshwater rinse shower. I installed a very low volume bilge pump and attached to it a 10' flexible hose with a shower...
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    Buyers remorse ( Two foot itis ! )

    I think that an additional 2' or a 20' boat would make a big difference and to that I'd add a front bimini because of the sun.. We just cruse the river with friends and family and the extra 2' would make it easier to add additional passengers.
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    Buyers remorse ( Two foot itis ! )

    Well, not really, but it seems like the 18' boat is just not large enough and I should have bought the 20'. We are on a river that is landlocked so I didn't get a trailer. We keep the boat in the water all the time. Almost 3 years ago I paid $21,000 for the boat and 40 HP Yamaha motor and it...
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    Ethanol E15 and is your local gas station making the change?

    Many Wawa stations have ethnology free gas, but not every pump. Locally about 75% have it available.