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    Depth Guage Reading at Speed

    Mine is mounted at as low as it can go as far to the outside as it can go on the port toon bracket. Works all the way through WOT. Same transducer as Michiman.
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    Boat Cleats I did this upgrade 3 years ago. Totally worth it in my opinion.
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    21' Elliptical toon water issue

    My guess is that, because we usually wait the very end of boating season to pull the boat from the lake, the water drains out or evaporates. Most years the boat sits up on Sea Legs for a good month with no use and then gets driven straight to the landing to get pulled. I really need to do a...
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    21' Elliptical toon water issue

    I’ve let it be for now as it’s never been enough water that it’s been an issue. Of course I say that and this summer it’ll start listing or riding lower.
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    Spring in Michigan

    Similar issues here near Detroit Lakes, MN
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    21' Elliptical toon water issue

    I have heard water sloshing in my toons off and on for years (bought used in 2016). Typically it doesn't sound like very much and by the time I get it to the dealer for end of season service, the sound is gone. However, last year, my center toon was sloshing when I brought it in so I pointed...
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    Show us your boat! Limit to 3 please.

    2013 2375 GCW
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    Trailer benefits?

    Check capacity on the trailer before doing anything. All trailers are not made equally. Our 2375GCW is approaching 4,500lbs so we ended up buying a trailer with a 5,500lb rating. My neighbor has a 2,500lb capacity pontoon trailer that our boat would crush.
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    Sea Legs (Ultra Legs) full extension vs. hydraulics

    We've owned our tritoon since 2016 and the boat sits on Sea Legs from May to September every year. We keep it 6" to 8" off the water with the legs far from fully extended. We've never had an issue with the Sea Legs by not fully extending them. Fully extending the legs would make the boat very...
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    New Owner

    Another vote for the raised helm - I'm clumsy as hell and have never tripped on it in the 5 years we've owned our G.
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    Yacht Club Trailer Rust

    I have a trailer that was less than a year old (now 5) when the majority of the welds were rusted. I complained and the manufacturer (not Yacht Club) said it was my fault because they believed I pulled it in the winter and got salt on it (which I hadn't). My thought was they didn't prep the...
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    Broken Access Panel

    Update - sent this pic to my dealer and he's got a replacement coming. Ground off the sharp corners, shimmed the hole level and taped over it in the meantime (of course not before snagging my toe). Good to know I can still get parts!
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    Killed 2 birds with 1 stone (so to speak)

    Yes, compartment was factory but doesn’t hold much. Added the shower caddy for phone, sea leg remote, etc storage when under way. Seemed like the dash was always full of stuff that could potentially slide off.
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    Killed 2 birds with 1 stone (so to speak)

    Here’s my low rent version. Gotta say I like the look of yours a lot better!
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    Broken Access Panel

    Anybody ever break one of these? Access panel to the hose connections on my gas tank.