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    Boating Memes:

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    Best prop for idling/no wake boating?

    Adding this YPB entry for a Benny 2275 RCW (it's an older 2012 with the VF250LA) using a SW2 15.5x17 prop...more-so for the sake of comparison to your own results: I agree with...
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    Bumping this to add that a Plexi/acrylic shop may be able to custom bend/form a taller one for your boat...probably won't be particularly cheap, but might be worth checking into.
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    Hi, Tatum337 - as another option, you can provide your HIN to any Bennington dealer and get a quote for the filler seat, if you haven't already.
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    base vs seagrass vs bamboo flooring

    Weird that the seagrass isn't available for you to choose since that is a build option (unless there is a supply constraint)...did they mention that Marideck was also disco'd? because Benny got rid of that a few years ago, iirc. You may want to push them to get a like for like seagrass...
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    The 2022 Official College Football Thread

    My prediction for Michigan is a 9 win season, at best. Some great NFL drafts from the outgoing class of players and even some UFAs getting some offers.
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    22 vs 23LSB to save a little cash

    Another thing to remember (if it's even a consideration) is that the dual gate aft railing is not available on the 22' need at least the 23' for it to have enough room for mounting. It is another $660 (msrp) over the stainless keeper rail.
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    What's New For 2022 Model Year

    I would almost bet real money that yours was the inspiration for it!
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    What about the Garmin EchoMap with LakeVu maps (entire US inland lakes) and transducer included? Garmin ECHOMAP™ UHD 63cv | Garmin Garmin ECHOMAP™ UHD 73cv
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    Your 2021 College Football Thread

    Unranked to a CFP appearance. Can't complain one bit.
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    Your 2021 College Football Thread

    I'm a Lions, Bears, and Jaguars fan, so...