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    Waiting on new build

    Beautiful boat, congratulations! Those interior colors are sharp!
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    Warranty on Playpen Cover

    I had a similar issue with my 3 yr old cover. Seemed to be thinning and had few tears in the seams. The dealer got it replaced under warranty for me during the off season this year. The new cover seems to be made stronger and I noticed after a rain storm that it didn’t let any rain through...
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    New Member with Questions!

    We have a changing room / privacy enclosure and love it. We have a porta potty in it and have enough room to change as well. Very convenient for us when we have many family members on the boat.
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    Shark Hide...did they do it???

    We put 2 coats of Sharkhide on and saw the difference below the water line pretty quick as well when we first started using it. It’s still effective in making it very easy to wipe off the junk from the toons below the water line.
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    20 hour break in? Going on vacation!!

    Yes, My dealer told me same thing when I had similar situation. Sounds like you’re good to go.
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    20 hour break in? Going on vacation!!

    Good morning, here is the yamaha maintenance schedule. It lists all of the 20 hr services.
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    Tell me what I already know... ??

    Hopefully I can assist in making you feel confident about your upgrade to 150. I went with the 115 and it works for us but as the kids get older and bigger it doesn’t have the power to please them as much on the tube. While I can get 30 mph with just one or two aboard that speed and power...
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    Sea Gull Deterants

    I grabbed some parachute chord and reflective bird tape. I put clips on ends and tied strips about every foot on the chord. I run 2 chords from the hooks on front of boat to bimini and 2 from back to bimini. This has worked well for us and total cost about $10.
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    Warranty Transfer Here’s a link to the Bennington warranty. It explains the transferrable warranty and has the contacts you might need to inquire.
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    Bennington newbie

    Congrats and beautiful boat! Adding to lakeliving’s comment I found a comment from bennington and their advice from 2017 regarding straps. It looks like they are referring to straps under the tubes but might want to double check with them. See below.
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    Bottom side of pontoons - can they be painted?

    That’s exactly what the bottom of my toons look like after sitting in water for a few seasons. I sharkhide the rest and they look great above the water line but below the water line is the same.
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    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    I remember being a boat owner for about a year and posting that my wife was travelling to Lake Norman area. Being that we plan to move there one day Carl immediately offered to have my wife over and show her the area and sent me his cell number. That’s the type of person he was. The type of...
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    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    That guy is as strong as an Ox! Continued prayers!
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    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    Sending our thoughts and prayers for Carl!
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    Boat Newbies

    Welcome to the club! We have a 2016 22ssx with a yamaha 115. We love the boat and I almost have no regrets in the way we built it. Having said that here are few experiences I have had that you might be able to use. The Yamaha 115 - Great for my wife and the kids and adequate for fishing...